COVID-19 jab line jumping? Kakie Pangilinan has a reminder to netizens judging her

May 25, 2021 - 6:05 PM
Kakie Pangilinan
Kakie Pangilinan in this photo from her Instagram on Sept. 23, 2020. (Photo from Instagram/frankiepangilinan)

Singer-songwriter Kakie Pangilinan has a reminder to Filipino online users amid criticisms over her recent COVID-19 vaccination.

The 20-year-old artist was bashed after sharing a video of herself receiving a jab in Makati City last Thursday.

“When I got an asthma attack mid-PE in middle school and everybody made fun of me, I swore I would get back at them one day and here we are,” Kakie tweeted before.

“All the melodic wheezing… all those times in the ER (emergency room) … have prepared me for this one moment… I feel alive and invincible… my ego has reached new uncertain heights…” she continued in another tweet.

On Monday evening, Kakie addressed those who were claiming that she cut the government’s priority list for vaccination.

The government is currently vaccinating high-risk people, namely healthcare workers, seniors and persons with comorbidities.

“I didn’t want to make this a big deal but have y’all ever thought maybe (people) have health issues (you) don’t know about. Didn’t cut in line, got a text from Makati (government) saying I qualified, so I went, (because) it’s the responsible thing to do,” Kakie said in a different tweet.

“Made a lighthearted quip about it and wanted to be transparent, but even that was misconstrued,” she added.

“I had my own initial qualms about going, precisely (because) I thought (about) the (people) who might better qualify, but if we all think like that, how are we ever going to achieve herd immunity? And why would I post a video on a public platform if I cut in line??? Pls, my goodness gracious,” Kakie further tweeted.

She later on reminded Filipinos to be kind to each other instead.

“(You) don’t even have to know what people are going thru fr (for real) just be kind, why is that so hard,” Kakie said in another tweet.

She shared that she has been heavily bashed by internet users in the past, being the daughter of public figures.

Kakie’s mother is “megastar” Sharon Cuneta while her father is opposition Sen. Kiko Pangilinan.

Last February, a disliking spree against Kakie’s debut single was launched by reported supporters of the administration.

A lawyer also told her last year that he would “b*tch-slap” her after she shared notes on the impeachment of then-chief justice Renato Corona.

The Department of Health said those with chronic respiratory diseases like asthma are included in the A3 priority group in the mass vaccination drive against COVID-19.

The A3 group refers to persons with comorbidities or those who have a higher risk of contracting severe COVID-19 if infected.