Lawyer criticized Kakie’s notes on Corona’s impeachment trial and here’s how she responded

June 29, 2020 - 8:56 PM
Kakie Pangilinan with shades
Kakie Pangilinan poses in this photo uploaded on her official Instagram account on July 28, 2019. (Photo from Frankie Pangilinan via Instagram)

Teen singer-songwriter Frankie “Kakie” Pangilinan responded to a lawyer who called her out after she shared her old notes on the impeachment trial of late Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012 on Twitter.

On Monday, the daughter of Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan retweeted the news item published by CNN Philippines, which contained the report on lawyer Ferdinand Topacio‘s criticisms on her notes when she was still 11 years old.

“Imagine being this embarrassingly triggered about an eleven-year-old lol,” she tweeted in response to Topacio.

Kakie followed up her response with a GIF that featured Mariah Carey saying “I don’t know her.”

She additionally mentioned that Topacio could have been wanting “some attention” since she already blocked him on the microblogging platform before.

Her original tweet has so far gained 1,500 retweets and more than 17,100 likes as of this writing.

Topacio vs Kakie

Topacio on Sunday tweeted a note addressed to Kakie and her mother, actress Sharon Cuneta.

He also dared them to let the National Bureau of Investigation probe him, just as the “megastar” had done to a Facebook user Sonny Alcos who had threatened to rape her daughter.

“Hi, Kakie Pangilinan. Read your notes on CJ Corona that you saw fit to publicize. Here are my notes on your father: Sen. Pangilinan is a lousy lawyer who couldn’t even win as kapitan till he married your mom and exploited her popularity. He can’t hold a candle to your mom’s first and greatest love Gabby, who remains dashing until now. If I were 12 years old, I’d b*tch-slap you and say F.U. for your rudeness to a dead, great man. Ate Shawie, since the SOJ (Secretary of Justice) is your friend, SUE ME! BRING IT ON!” 

In response, Kakie tweeted that if she was born a boy, “it would literally never be” about her looks. She then added some pictures of her own.

Kakie last Friday shared photos of some of her notes during the impeachment trial of Corona dated May 21, 2012.

She then wrote some of her observations during the trial, which included quotes and “random facts” such as some senators using iPads and their supposed preference for a Starbucks coffee to any drink.

Her post has gained more than 6,200 retweets and more than 41,500 likes on the microblogging platform as of writing.

Kakie also uploaded another series of photographed notes which indicate that she has been attentively following Corona’s impeachment trial.

“Part two because I can’t believe this,” she wrote as a caption.

The follow-up notes, dated May 29, 2012, chronicled her insights on the last day of the trial, as well as some of the senators’ respective verdicts.

Some of them included her dad’s, former senators Alan Cayetano and Loren Legarda as well as Franklin Drilon and Ping Lacson, among others.

The elder Pangilinan was one of the lawmakers who voted to convict Corona, stating that declaring the latter “guilty” was “to uphold the rule of law” which should be respected.

“No less than the chief justice has been accused of culpable violation of the Constitution. To convict him is to uphold the rule of law and will send the signal to the entire nation that the rule of law should be respected and it should strike fear in the hearts of all those who wish to violate our laws and disrespect our Constitution,” Kiko said in 2012.

“As you can see, the guilty party is highly superior,” Kakie had concluded in her notes.

Historic impeachment 

Corona, the 23rd chief justice of the Supreme Court, was removed from his post on May 29, 2012 through impeachment due to his failure to disclose his statements, assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) from 2002 to 2010 to the public.

Reports note that he failed to “include some $2.4 million in bank deposits — on top of a commingled amount worth P80.7 million” in his SALNs.

Corona was found guilty of committing culpable violation of the 1987 Philippine Constitution and betraying the public trust through his actions.

His trial at the Senate, which acted as the impeachment court, took 43 days.

Corona was the first magistrate in Philippine history to be impeached and convicted.