‘Healthier and more playful’: Jodi Sta. Maria shares updates about rescued cat Naia

March 16, 2023 - 1:56 PM
Naia update_Jodi Sta Maria
Naia playing in this photo from Jodi Sta. Maria's Twitter account on Jan. 9, 2023; The actress going with Naia to the veterinary clinic as posted on her Twitter account on March 15, 2023 (JodiStaMaria/Twitter)

“Healthier and more playful.”

This was how actress Jodi Sta. Maria recently described the feline she had rescued from the busy terminal of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport months ago.

The actress has been sharing updates about her new pet on Twitter since she officially adopted him last January.

On February 5, Jodi posted a sleeping picture of Naia (pronounced as Na-ya) with the caption: “Good morning, everyone! This is me now! I am two months old. I still love to sleep ~ Naia”

Days after, Jodi shared another update where she commented on his fast growth.

“Naia… I miss you! Don’t grow up too fast! (pleading face emoji) Thank you, Mamu, for taking care of Naia while I am away (white heart emoji),” she said on February 17.

Jodi gave a more detailed update about her rescued kitten four days later.

“Naia update. This is him now. Healthier and more playful. Very curious. Has become more attached to my mom. Mahilig na rin magsiksik sa tight spaces. Ang bilis [niyang] lumaki,” she tweeted on February 22 with a smiling face emoji.

“Sana pansinin [niya] pa ako pagbalik ko from work,” the actress added with a folded hands emoji.

By March, Jodi proudly shared how much Naia’s fur had changed since she initially rescued him as a stray kitten in the NAIA Terminal 1.

“Hello from me and big boy Naia (kissing cat face emoji). He is 3 [three] months old today. I am happy [’cause] ang ganda na ng fur ni Naia — an indicator that my fur baby is healthy,” she wrote on March 5 with several white heart emojis.

Here are more recent pictures of the now-bigger rescued kitten on the actress’ account:

Jodi’s latest update features a picture of her with Naia going to the veterinary clinic.

“Vet day with Naia. Good morning, everyone,” she tweeted on March 15 with white heart emojis.

Jodi on January 5 shared that she spotted an orange tabby kitten in the airport, which she said appeared to be “asking for humans to feed and help her.”

At that time, she has not yet determined the cat’s gender.

“It was raining too so she must have been cold. Kawawa [’cause] nababangga siya ng cart ng passengers,” the actress narrated before.

Jodi had decided to save the feline from its busy environment and take him home to give him proper care.

As an animal lover, the actress previously said she has a “soft spot for cats.”

A 2016 report said that “it has been Jodi’s mission to give some stray cats a proper home.”

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