Jodi Sta. Maria dedicates post to rescued cat Naia for National Kitten Day

July 11, 2024 - 11:14 AM
Jodi Sta Maria_Naia
Jodi Sta. Maria with her cat Naia in this photo posted on her X account on July 10, 2024 (JodiStaMaria/Twitter)

Actress and celebrity furmom Jodi Sta. Maria dedicated a post about her rescued cat Naia (pronounced as Na-ya) in honor of National Kitten Day originating in the United States.

The National Kitten Day is celebrated annually on July 10 to raise awareness about the plight of abandoned baby cats.

Jodi on Wednesday posted a collage of herself with her ginger cat whom she rescued from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in January 2023.

“Happy National Kitten Day!” the actress wrote on the X (formerly Twitter) platform on July 10.

“Adopting Naia has brought so much joy, love, and countless purrs into my life. Rescue kittens have so much love to give and truly complete a home. Let’s celebrate the happiness and companionship our adopted kittens bring into our lives!” she added.

Jodi also encouraged her followers to “share” their own cat adoption stories and kitten moments.

“Let’s spread the love! #AdoptDontShop #FurMomLife,” she said.

Naia used to be the stray kitten she found at NAIA Terminal 1.

She said the cat appeared to be “asking for humans to feed and help” him, noting that passengers’ carts accidentally bumped into him then.

The actress’ adoption story has since captured social media users’ attention, with Jodi constantly updating users about her rescued feline.

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Jodi is known to be an animal lover. A 2016 report said that she has a “soft spot for cats.”

The actress was reported to “give stray cats a proper home.”