‘Selos’ issue cleared? Shaira gives update on talks with Lenka’s camp

April 8, 2024 - 11:44 AM
Shaira Moro
Shaira Alimudin in this photo posted on her Facebook page on March 28, 2024 (Shairaa Moro Singer/Facebook)

Mindanao-based singer Shaira Alimudin, also known as “Shaira Moro,” gave an update about her talks with Australian singer Lenka on her viral hit “Selos” after it faced copyright issues last month.

In a video uploaded on her Facebook page on Sunday, Shaira said there was no case filed against them, adding that their negotiation with the Aussie’s camp was “composed and peaceful.”

The Pinay said it ended with them being able to re-release “Selos” on online streaming platforms. She also told her supporters to look forward to other songs that her record label will release soon.

Shaira then expressed her gratitude to everyone, especially her supporters who continued to believe in her and her team.

She also shared a message to her “idol,” Lenka.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to you and to your team for allowing me this opportunity. Thank you for the smoothest transaction that we [had] with your team,” Shaira said on April 7.

“It was truly [an honor] to have been communicating with international companies such as yours. [Your are], and will always be, one of the artists that I look up to. I hope that the day will come when I can finally get to meet you!” the Pinay singer added.

Last month, Shaira’s record label, AHS Productions, pulled out “Selos” from digital platforms following a comment made by Lenka on Instagram.

The Australian was alerted that her 2008 hit, “Trouble Is A Friend,” had the same melody as the Pinay’s recent trending track “Selos.”

Lenka responded to the Instagram user that they have “taken action.”

“Selos” was then pulled out of the platforms and AHS Productions confirmed it was in talks to make “arrangements with regards to the legality of the publication of the song.”

The record label said before it would discuss if “Selos” could be an “official over” of the 2008 hit.

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“Selos” composter Krishna Ares Galang or “AG” later admitted that its tune was derived from one of the songs of his favorite foreign artist, Lenka, who he described as his “idol.”

A few days later, Shaira revealed that Lenka’s camp was “amicable” to them. She also appealed to her supporters to stop bashing the Aussie singer.

“Naging maayos ang approach sa amin ng kampo ni Lenka, mabuti at maayos silang kausap,” the “Selos” singer said before.

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Last Friday, Shaira released a music video for a new song called “Selos Na ‘Yan Friend.”

The pop song pokes fun at her haters and shows off some of her rapping skills.