Viral: Random man jams with Sam Concepcion at municipality festival

April 9, 2024 - 11:31 AM
Sam Concepcion_Umajam
Sam Concepcion performing at the Umajam Festival 2024 in Loreto, Agusan del Sur in this video posted by Facebook user Jona Beltran on April 5, 2024 (akosisam17/Facebook)

A clip of a random man suddenly appearing on stage with singer Sam Concepcion while performing at the Umajam Festival went viral on Facebook.

The artist was among the celebrities who performed at the five-day festival in Loreto, Agusan del Sur from March 31 to April 4.

It is an annual event of the Loreto municipality which serves as a platform for cultural exchange where visitors are treated like family.

Sam was one of the guests who serenaded the locals and visitors with some of his hit songs like “Dati.”

A video of part of his performance was uploaded on Facebook, where it has earned 7.4 million views, 234,000 likes and reactions and 4,700 comments so far.

In the clip, Sam was performing the song when a random man suddenly came on stage and began to jam with him.

The singer was initially surprised but when he saw the man showing off some moves, Sam handed him the microphone.

“Idol, I love you!” the man exclaimed. He also gestured to the crowd and said, “Loreto, I love you!”

Sam then raised his arms and went along with it, until a staff eventually escorted the man off the stage.

The video amused Filipinos who expressed their reactions in the comments.

Some lauded the artist for being a “professional” by continuing to perform on stage despite the disturbance.

“I was there during his performance, kami na nasa crowd were also shocked [and] worried, buti [na lang] ‘di nag-panic si Sam (I know shocked din siya that time ta’s natakot). He handled the situation smoothly na parang walang nangyari ta’s tuloy na ang show. A true performer indeed!” a Facebook user said.

“He gave him the space, what a sport ahahahahaha,” another user commented.

“Awee, he handled it professionally. Sam Concepcion, everyone!” wrote another Pinoy.

“Amazing how he handled it!” exclaimed a different user.

“Love Sam because of this!” wrote another user.

Another Facebook page captioned the moment with “Dati // Sam Concepcion ft. Manong.”

Other personalities who attended Loreto’s event were actor Enrique Gil, singer Moire Dela Torre and the bands The Juans and Sweetnotes.

The Umajam Festival is simultaneously celebrated with the “Araw ng Loreto.” It is a deep-rooted tradition that strengthens the bond between indigenous tribes and various cultural groups.