Did Seth Fedelin ‘like’ negative comment vs Andrea Brillantes? Fan page reacts

April 18, 2024 - 1:48 PM
Seth Fedelin
Seth Fedelin in this photo on his Instagram on Feb. 11, 2024 (imsethfedelin/Instagram)

Actor Seth Fedelin‘s official fan page said he does not have access to his YouTube account after Filipinos spotted him liking a negative comment about his former girlfriend Andrea Brillantes on the platform.

The SETHsters Official (@SETHstersOFC) on the X platform responded to a news item published by the Philippine Entertainment Portal which reported about the actor liking a YouTube comment saying Andrea is a “bold star.”

The comment was posted in an old vlog of Seth and the actress eating at a samgyupsal place.

The video was uploaded on Oct. 7, 2021 with the title “SAMGYUP WITH ALI”

In the vlog, Seth jokingly poked fun at Andrea’s left-handedness, saying, “Mga kaliwete kasi nangagaliwa, e.”

According to PEP, a comment was posted two weeks ago, which reads: “Hindi bagay si Andrea sumama sa new young stars. Andrea is a bold star associated with numerous men on various sexual relationships.”

The showbiz website said Seth’s YouTube account “liked” the comment.

The actor reportedly did not like any other recent comments under the particular vlog.

PEP said the last time he liked a comment before that was dated 11 months ago, when he “liked” the comment: “missyouuuuuubothhhhhh”

Andrea was previously talked about when she got dragged into the breakup of longtime couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla last year.

PEP said that Andrea confessed her “one-time” meetup with Daniel to Kathryn in person. The meetup reportedly happened in November 2021.

Andrea also showed Kathryn her and Daniel’s “flirty” messages with each other, according to the showbiz website’s source.

On Wednesday, Seth’s fan account responded to PEP’s recent report about him with the following post:


This is to inform you that Seth Fedelin has no longer access to his YouTube account. Until now, he and his team are still unable to retrieve the account.

P.S. Please do not believe everything you see or read on the internet without fact-checking first. Thank you.

PEP said that the comment in question has already been deleted.

Meanwhile, some Pinoys questioned the statement that the actor “no longer” has access to his YouTube account, pointing out that Seth’s Instagram account shows a direct link to his vlog.

Seth Fedelin_IG profil
Screengrab of Seth Fedelin’s Instagram account on April 18, 2024 (imsethfedelin/Instagram)


“So ano ‘to? Naka pinned pa! Impossibleng hindi [niya] ma-access! What the H!” an online user commented to the fan page, sharing a recording that features visiting the Instagram profile of Seth.

“Char… Damage control??” another user asked in response to the statement of Seth’s fan account.

In 2022, Andrea admitted she was in a two-year relationship with Seth. She said they broke up in October 2021.

She described the breakup as “painful” but a “mutual decision.”

The actress said that they ended their relationship “on good terms.”

Seth is now in a love team with actress Francine Diaz. Their tandem is known as FranSeth.