Francine Diaz’s ‘Tomorrow times Together’ spiel at Japan awards night goes viral

April 11, 2024 - 4:34 PM
Francine Diaz
Francine Diaz in this photo posted on her Instagram on April 10, 2024 (francinesdiaz/Instagram)

“My multiplication queen.”

This was the comment of social media users after actress Francine Diaz presented an award to the K-pop boy group Tomorrow X Together or TXT at the Asia Star Entertainer Awards held in Yokohama, Japan on Wednesday.

The 20-year-old actress was one of the award presenters in the new awards show that  celebrates top K-pop and Asian artists who gained worldwide recognition in the past year.

Francine was invited to present the Global K-Pop Leader Award, won by TXT.

She announced the winner, but instead of pronouncing it as “Tomorrow by Together,” the Filipina actress said “Tomorrow times Together.”

In mathematics, multiplication is referred to as “times” and has the times sign “x.”

“The winner is… Tomorrow Times Together!” Francine exclaimed during the awards show.

The K-pop group happily stood up to receive the award.

A video of the moment went viral on social media as Filipinos shared their own reactions to Francine’s pronunciation and said they can relate.

“Hahaha, ako nga nung una, akala ko ‘X’ pagbasa niyan, ‘yan tuloy, na-curious ako,” an online user commented.

“Francine, bakit naman nag-multiply ka [diyan] HAHAHAHA,” exclaimed another user.

“Equals ano, beh. Hahaha, kyottt,” a different Pinoy said with emojis of laughing and loudly crying faces.

“My multiplication queen,” quipped another user with a revolving hearts emoji.

According to Billboard, the K-pop group’s name, Tomorrow X Together, signifies how the act has “all come together under one dream in hopes of building a new tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, the actress has already apologized for her unintentional pronunciation mistake through Instagram live.