5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss ‘The Sound of Music’

October 21, 2017 - 1:37 PM
A scene from the touring West End production of 'The Sound of Music.' (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

The West End production of “The Sound of Music” will be running its last series of shows in Manila this weekend. If you haven’t given yourself the chance to see it, here are five reasons why you must book tickets and watch this spectacular show.

1. It’s a world-class production.
What we’re having in Manila now is the touring West End production, which means you’ll be getting the same experience you would should you decide to see the musical in London. It’s a show that adheres to global international standards in terms of casting, direction, and production. Even the props and costumes are of West End and Broadway quality.

2. Endearing characters and flawless performances.
It’s impossible not to fall in love with Maria and the children. It’s hard not to be smitten by the elusive but chivalrous Captain Von Trapp, or to find solace in Mother Abbess. Doesn’t Liesl remind you of your 16-turning-17-year-old self?

Touring cast members were flown in to ensure that the portrayal of European characters is on point. While some members of the cast were sourced locally through a strict audition process, there’s no way to tell which of them flew all the way from Europe, except perhaps for their physical appearance. The homegrown talent is on a par with the touring international cast.

3. Timeless songs and production numbers.
How many times do you need to see and hear Maria and the children perform “Do-Re-Mi”? How many times can you listen to the Captain sing “Edelweiss”? Is “My Favorite Things” your favorite? How much of Rodgers and Hammerstein can you take?
You might have seen the film a hundred times and heard the songs a hundred times more, but you will never tire of listening to these songs, even if they were written decades ago.

4. It’s a history lesson and life manual in one.
“The Sound of Music” is based on the life story of the Von Trapp Family Singers of Salzburg, Austria. Set in 1938, it gives us a view of the socio-political situation in Europe at the time. It also imparts life lessons that every child, parent, couple and family will appreciate.

5. It’s a classic for all ages.
If you loved the film starring Julie Andrews, there’s no reason why you won’t love the musical play even more. Despite being set in a particular place and era, its global appeal cuts across generations and its themes withstand geographical limitations. We are at an age where innovation and new-age ideals are key elements in weaving modern-day stories, but it’s always good to look back and see how it was traditionally done, when everything was so simple yet so spectacular.

“The Sound of Music” runs at The Theatre at Solaire until Sunday, October 22. Tickets are available via Ticketworld.