Martin Nievera reflects on career highlights with 35th anniversary concert

December 7, 2017 - 1:15 PM
Martin Nievera.

Four months after he was introduced as the first celebrity endorser of Solaire Resort & Casino, Concert King Martin Nievera will commemorate his 35th anniversary in the entertainment industry with a special concert called “[email protected]: #NoFilter.”

Happening this Friday, December 8 at The Theatre at Solaire, Martin says the concert “will be another opportunity for me to sing the songs I hope to this day have remained as part of the soundtrack of the lives of those who have blessed me with their applause.”

Martin is of course referring to his popular hits like “Be My Lady,” “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin,” “How Can I,” “Each Day With You,” “Say That You Love Me,” and “You Are To Me,” among others.

During the recent press conference to promote the show, Martin told InterAksyon and other media that the concert is hashtagged “#NoFilter” due to the painstaking process that he had to go through to record most of his now classic hits.

“For 35 years, my music has no filter. Back then it would take hours to produce a single song. There was no digital mastering, no autotune, nothing to enhance the song. What you hear is what and how it was recorded,” he pointed out.

Promoting his music likewise took a great deal of effort. “During my time, it took a while for me to gain the following that I have. Most of the young performers today are so lucky to have social media that promotes them very quickly. There was no social media for me back then,” he recalled.

And because there was no internet and social media, Martin says it often took up to a month for him to deny any rumors or intrigues about him.

“Now it only takes a selfie,” he quipped.

As intrigues go, one of the most pervasive during Martin’s heyday was his rivalry with fellow artist Gary Valenciano.

“Gary and I started as friends and we used to hang out a lot at his house. But while we’re so above the rivalry now, it was pretty bad during the ’80s,” he admitted.

Not a few were therefore surprised that Martin opted to celebrate his career milestone with no less than Paolo Valenciano, the son of his former rival as his director.

“Paolo is my godson and I have seen his work. When he directs his dad, Gary’s dancing all over the place and he has the maneuvers. I don’t have that in my repertoire,” he noted.

“I just want to be able to sing my songs accompanied by an orchestra. With Paolo’s knowledge of music. I want to see where he wants to go. I have true faith in him and I’m confident it’s going to be a magical night.”

We want your attention to be on the lyrics of the song that I am singing and on me as a singer. Everything’s so busy and you forget to listen to the lyrics of the song. We’re hoping that with Paolo’s knowledge of music that he is able to downplay it, to go the opposite say that Paolo wants to go,” he said.

Paolo will be working with Martin’s favorite musical director, Louie Ocampo. “Paolo and Louie have been banging heads on how to make this a combination 35th anniversary in showbiz concert and a Christmas concert all in one,” Martin further revealed.

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