Popular life simulation game Sims 4 goes free for a limited time

May 22, 2019 - 6:08 PM
The Sims 4
The Sims 4 characters. (EA Website/Released)

Life simulation game “Sims 4” trended on local Twitter after it announced that it is giving away the game’s standard edition for free for a limited time.

Electronic Arts, the company behind The Sims, released a free version through its online gaming and digital distribution website where players can download the game until May 24, 1:00 a.m.

Users only need to create an account in Origin and download it through The Sims’ Origin page in the “Get it Free” option.

They also get to keep a copy of the downloaded game even after the promo ends.

Sims 4
Main page of The Sims 4 in the Origin website. (Screenshot by Interaksyon)

“Sims 4” is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Its standard version originally costs $40 on Origin.

Social media users, meanwhile, expressed their excitement over the release.

“Sims 4” is the fourth major title in The Sims computer game series. It was released in the United States on September 2014 for Microsoft Windows while its Mac version was released in February 2015.

The game enables players to create their own “Sim” character which can be controlled and modified to fit players’ preferences, from their appearance to personalities.

Similar to the previous version of The Sims, “Sims 4” has player-created challenges that needed to be fulfilled.

One of them is the Legacy Challenge in which the player must make his Sim character’s family line last for ten generations.

Reflection of player’s needs in real life 

The Sims is considered one of the top bestselling video games of all time ever since it was launched.

It is a life-simulation gaming experience that enables players to create families, build their dream houses, open businesses and more.

The game is popular since it gives people a chance to create their own idea of what they consider the “perfect human or family.”

Metro noted that Sims “gives players a sense of freedom and power that can’t be experienced on other games.”

“Throughout the game, players get to see their Sims progress through life, which includes dealing with emotions, forging careers and even facing death,” it reported.

“Although the game is not representative of reality, there is definitely an emotional element to The Sims that players can relate to,” the London-based newspaper added.

It also noted that the appeal of the simulation game “may be a reflection of the players’ needs and aspirations in the real world.”

“The Sims gives users the ability to form a life that they most desire and this requires players to go to work, build relationships, manage feelings and even raise children in order to fulfill their character’s needs and aspirations,” the report said.