Is sitcom ‘So Not Worth It’ worth watching? What to expect in this new K-series

June 18, 2021 - 5:24 PM
Cast of "So Not Worth It" (Netflix/Released)

For many Asians, especially during the ‘90s, many left their country to go after their American dream. However, nowadays, especially for people who love Korean culture, they are instead chasing for the “Korean dream.”

The growing influence of Korean pop culture across the globe appears to be unstoppable. It is evident with the growing interest of people in Korean music, food, and drama. They even set the standards for beauty and fashion.

Many probably daydream of studying and living in Korea like what they see in K-dramas.

This is what the new Korean series, “So Not Worth It,” attempts to show. The series revolves around the lives of students living in an international dormitory at a university in the heart of Seoul.

With a group of eight students, they try to make the most out of their college life by making new friends, finding love, and going on different adventures.

If these don’t excite you yet, below is the list of other reasons why this series is worth watching and what you can expect from the sitcom.

Charming characters

Still from “So Not Worth It” (Netflix/Released)

Coming from different backgrounds and even countries, the characters in this drama offer various personalities and charm.

Like in different social groups, it has a popular new student and school heartthrob in the name of Jaime (Shin Hyeon-seung), a playful and mischievous guy named Sam (Choi Young-jae), and fashionista and K-drama fan in the persona of Minnie (Minnie).

To strike a balance in the group, it also has Se-wan (Park Se-wan) who is very responsible yet opportunistic.

Other characters are Hyun-min (Han Hyun-min), who is often mistaken as a foreigner but uses it to his advantage to sneak his way into the dormitory, and Hans (Joakim Sorensen), who is strange and a stickler for rules.

The series also has Carson (Carson Allen), who acts like a grouchy old fart, but is actually very caring and Terris (Terris Brown), who is quite a show-off and a casanova.

Cute and heart-fluttering romance

What is university life without romance, right?

Viewers can expect an amusement park date, a scene of being locked into a basement with the character’s crush, and other romantic moments.

Rising stars

This series is filled with fresh faces, offering a new take on Kdrama.

The cast includes Park Se-wan who has appeared in the dramaI Am Not a Robot” and Shin Hyeon-seung who created a buzz after she debuted in the popular web drama “Be My Boyfriend.” 

The show also has other members who have different degrees of acting experience.

Different adventures

Many fans probably wondered how it’s like to be a foreign student in Korea and this is something this series will try to answer.

Since the setting of the story is in an international school, students came from different parts of the world, they are still adjusting and experiencing life in South Korea for the first time.

Given that, viewers can get a glimpse of how Korean university students spend their day and seek different adventures.


Still from “So Not Worth It” (Netflix/Released)

This series offers several surprises as there are many special appearances of Korean celebrities—from comedians to singers, and actors.

Viewers may see some familiar faces in the sitcom which may include their favorite star.

“So Not Worth It” premiered on the streaming giant on Friday, June 18. — James Patrick Cruz