‘Squid Game’ Pinoy version? Rundown of possible Filipino games to be played for survival

September 29, 2021 - 11:37 AM
A photo of Netflix's Pinoy version of Squid Game (Facebook/Netflix(

What would happen if the survival games on Netflix’s “Squid Game,” a top-rated all-time show, were played in the Philippines?

Netflix Philippines juxtaposed the six games from the Korean thriller with traditional Filipino games on a social media post.

“Squid Game but make it Pinoy,” the caption said.

“Squid Game” is a survival Korean series that follows a group of people playing a series of deadly games for a huge prize.

The Korean games juxtaposed with the traditional Filipino games mentioned in the post are:

  1. Ddakji = Pogs
  2. Red light, green light = Pepsi 7-Up
  3. Marbles = Jolen
  4. Stepping Stones = Step? Yes, Step? No
  5. Squid Game = Patintero
  6. Tug-of-war = Tug-of-war

As of writing, the post earned 16,000 reactions and 4,400 shares on the platform.

The reactions were also mostly positive with 9,300 laugh emojis, 4.300 likes and 2,500 heart emojis.

Filipino fans of the show also expressed their amusement in the comments section.

Others suggested other traditional Pinoy games more appropriate than the ones Netflix featured.

“Kung Bang Sak kaya gawin literal,” one user wrote with laugh emoji.

Some online users brought up the Korean “honeycomb” challenge that was not included in the post. The game requires players to carve out certain shapes out of a honeycomb disc.

They shared funny Pinoy versions of it such as polvoron (Spanish shortbread) and the katol (mosquito coil).

Others corrected some names of the traditional Pinoy games.

Instead of tug-of-war, one user noted that it should be “hilahan lubid.”

“Konting effort naman ‘Hilahan lubid’ hahaha,” one user said.

Others also pointed out that the “Step? Yes, Step? No” should be “piko.”

“Kung sa pilipinas yan malamang ‘piko yan,’” another user wrote.

Some Filipino TikTok users also had their share of whipping up lists of what traditional Pinoy games that would be apt to be played for survival.

Content creator named Wacky suggested Bang-Sak, Langit Lupa, honeycomb relay, dodge ball, sungka and hampas palayok for a Pinoy squid game version.

@jowaquinagree ba kayo sa mga chosen players ko?♬ original sound – wacky

According to FlixPatrol, a streaming rating firm, “Squid Game” topped Netflix’s ratings in the United States and worldwide last September 27.

Bloomberg described this as a historic achievement by a Korean show.

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