‘Guiding Light’: New digital imprint offers books on spiritual formation

November 26, 2021 - 6:37 PM
Poster of titles from Guiding Light, an imprint of Lampara Books

A children’s publishing company launched a new digital Philippine imprint that promotes values formation in an entertaining and transformative way.

Lampara Books, which has been running since 1997, introduced their first faith-based imprint called Guiding Light on November 24.

Lampara Books is known for its roster of children’s literature written by award-winning and budding and Filipino writers, and other literatures from other countries.

It also often conducts and sponsors nationwide contests for writers and illustrators that are open for any person to join.

“Guiding Light,” on the other hand, is its family-oriented and Christ-centered platform.

Its catalog comprises books that promote spiritual formation, values education, emotional growth, and community development through highly entertaining but transformative books.

Similar to the parent company, the books of Guiding Light are written and designed by award-winning writers, illustrators, and personalities in different parts of the world.

Guiding Light’s Facebook page also released a video of the books that would available on the same day.

The video showed Noa Stina, the daughter of veteran singer Barbie Almabis, with some of the books from the company.

“Hello, Guiding Light! Thank you for sending us these books,” Stina said in the video.

Segundo Matias Jr., the chief publisher of Lampara Books, said that it has been the company’s goal to engage with children and adult readers within Christ-centered beliefs and teachings.

“It has always been our goal to inspire adult readers, most especially parents, to engage with their children on stories of inspiration, joy, and life lessons within a framework of Christ-centered beliefs and teachings,” Matias said.

“Our activity books create bonding moments between mom and dad with their kids through storytelling that put good values at the forefront of its principles, while inspiring everyone to become a better human being, he added.

Matias is a three-time winner of the prestigious Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature and has written over 1,000 children’s books throughout his career.

The “Moymoy Lulumboy” series was among his most prominent works.

As part of the launch, Guiding Light offered the following titles for new readers:

  1. ‘Little Life Lessons on’ series
  2. Family Bible Illustrated edition
  3. The Comic Book Bible
  4. Classic Bible Stories
  5. The Classic Children’s Bible

These books and collections are available on Guiding Light’s official website.