Jilted lovers take revenge by naming cockroaches for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022 - 9:14 AM
Henry Weedon, Operations Manager at Hemsley Conservation Centre poses with a cockroach near a Valentine's Day card, in Fairseat, Kent, Britain, February 10, 2022. Picture taken February 10, 2022. (Reuters/Gerhard Mey)

FAIRSEAT, England — Never mind cutting up their clothes or chucking out their belongings, now jilted lovers can take revenge by naming a cockroach after their ex for Valentine’s Day.

Requests have already been flooding in from all over the world to the Hemsley Conservation Center, in southeastern England, which runs the project as a fundraiser.

“If you’ve had a particularly nasty break up and you need a pick me up, it’s a good way to have a little giggle to yourself or with your friends,” operations manager Henry Weedon said.

The center is also open to politicians’ names being offered for the “Roach Board”.

“All names are welcome, and it’s all to raise money for the projects that we’re doing here at the zoo,” Weedon said.

—Reporting by Hannah Williams; Editing by Alison Williams