Dishes that will make you dance at Ayala Triangle Garden’s Rumba restaurant

August 27, 2022 - 6:09 PM
From left to right: Negra con gambas, Rumba, red sangria. (Rumba/Released)

A local Mediterranean Spanish restaurant in Makati City is making its guests groove with dishes inspired by countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

Last month, the Bistro Group unveiled “Rumba,” the latest addition to its high-end concepts.

Located at The Shops at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati, the restaurant’s name is inspired by the popular dance Rumba. This term was introduced in Spain in the early 20th century as rumba flamenco.

Facade of Rumba restaurant in Makati City. (Rumba/Released)

Relating the dance to its wide array of food and drink offerings, Rumba’s dishes “flirt, tease and sway on the palate.”

Its menu, helmed by Madrid native, 40-year-old Chef Alfredo Rodriguez, is composed of Spanish, Italian, Greek and a bit of French influences.

“The biggest influence is Spain since I am Spanish,” he said.

Rodriguez said that while he has his roots in Europe, he considers the Philippines his second home after arriving in the country eight years ago.

Apart from Rumba, Rodriguez is the head chef of Bistronomia managing concepts such as Las Flores, Rambla, Tomatito & BCN by Las Flores.

“I chose to live in Asia because I wanted to learn more. It was already quite boring in Spain,” he said amicably, adding that Spain and Philippines have several similarities in culture, cuisine and language.

According to Rodriguez, Rumba’s cooking method focuses on the use of a charcoal oven which infuses smoky flavors.

Its paella is cooked using a cast-iron casserole which is placed inside the Mibrasa charcoal oven using 100% charcoal imported from Spain.

“We don’t call our charcoal rice, paella, because we don’t use paella,” the chef said.

Paella iberica (Rumba/Released)

“90% of our dishes are cooked in the said oven including French- style free-range chicken, local squid (lumot), lamb chops, duck confit, octopus, shrimp, cheeses, and the mouth-watering cochinillo or suckling pig,” he added.

With an extensive menu, Rumba sizzles other cuisine such as salmon, tomahawk steak and tenderloin in its open charcoal grill.

Conchinillo (Rumba/Released)

Pasta lovers may also enjoy choices including vongole, carbonara, and lobster pasta, along with risottos in choices of seafood or foie.

Foie (Rumba/Released)

Rodriguez also brings his culinary expertise to other Mediterranean favorites like hummus and lamb and chicken gyros.

But with Spanish as the biggest influence, the chef pays tribute to his heritage with out-of-the-ordinary takes on traditional food such as croquettas, scallop ceviche, tuna and scallop empanadilla, Spanish cod omelette, and gambas.

Below are some dishes and drinks to try at the new food spot in town:



Rumba does not only aim to make its guests dance with its delectable dishes but also provides them a homey but luxurious vibe. For one, it has an open kitchen that provides an inviting feel and connection of sorts between the visitors and the chefs.

The restaurant’s ambiance also matches the rhythm of the dishes, with a rich patchwork of textures ranging from white floral bloom adorning the walls, to a riveted wood ceiling, and wicker furniture accents in colors that carry the characteristics of the Mediterranean landscape. These were all apparent down to the restroom one could dub as among the “prettiest restrooms in the metro.”

Get a feel of the laid-back ambiance of the restaurant here: