Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ embraces French life in new season

December 15, 2022 - 3:42 PM
Official poster of "Emily in Paris Season 3" and a still from the official trailer. (Netflix/Released)

Cultural frictions give way to personality clashes in Netflix’s NFLX.O “Emily in Paris,” according to creator Darren Star who recently joined the show’s cast members in the French capital for the global premiere of the third season.

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The new season of the television comedy starring Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, an American who moves to Paris from Chicago for a marketing job, will be released on Dec. 21.

The show focuses more deeply on its characters, moving away from a play on the cliches of French and American lifestyles, to become more of a “clash of personalities,” said Star, who is also executive producer and writer of the show.

“She feels less of a fish out of water and more about embracing the culture around her,” said Collins, of the character she plays.

Watched by 58 million households in its first month, the series debuted at the height of pandemic lockdowns in 2020 and became the most popular comedy on Netflix that year.

In the third season, actors Paul Forman and Melia Kreiling join as new cast members. “New characters come in and add a lot of new texture and complications for the entire ensemble,” said Star.