Sneak peek: What to try at Korean cafe Paik’s Coffee and Bakery, Makati branch

February 9, 2023 - 4:36 PM
Photo shows Paik’s Coffee and Bakery at Glorietta 1 Mall in Makati City (Interaksyon/James Patrick Cruz)

One of the most popular coffee shop chains in South Korea finally arrived in the Philippines. 

Paik’s Coffee and Bakery which was founded by celebrity chef Paik Jong Won opened on Monday, February 6 at Glorietta 1 Mall in Makati City. 

Jong-won is known for food shows such as “Paik’s Spirt,” “The Backpacker Chef,” “Alley Restaurant,” and “Top 3 Chef King,” among others. 

In 2021, the celebrity chef worked with BTS member Kim Seok-jin

Upon entering, customers will be welcomed by warm Korean greetings from the staff.

Customers may also enjoy “authentic Korean beverages and bread” while sitting on the cozy couch and chairs with yellow and blue pillows, emanating a strong sense of branding.

Coffee lovers may choose from its coffee menu which includes the following:

  • Hot Espresso (P100)
  • Americano (P150)
  • Paik’s Original Coffee (P200)
  • Cafe Latte (P160)
  • Caramel Macchiato (P185)
  • Cafe Mocha (P185)
  • Condensed Milk Latte (P160)

These are available in hot and over ice. These silky and flavorful coffee come in a single size but it is big enough to last you for the entire day. 

Other beverage offerings include the following:

  • Chocolate Latte (P150)
  • Green Tea Latte (P160)
  • Mint Choco Latte (P160)
  • Hot/Iced Milk Tea (P160)
  • Iced Black Pearl Latte (P150)
  • Iced Black Pearl Milk Tea (P180)
  • Iced Black Pearl Cafe Latte (P180)

The coffee shop is also offering Paiksccino which is served either as a smoothie or an ice cream. 

The Paiksccino flavors available are:

  • Strawberry Banana
  • Choco Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Greeentea
  • Original
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Mint Chocolate.

The price for these ranges from P180 to P230.

Patrons may also order Pongdang Vanilla (P180) and Original Paiksccino (P180) which are only available as smoothies. 

Below are other drink offerings:

  • Lemon Tea (P170)
  • Green Grape Flower Tea (P170)
  • Grapefruit Tea (p 170)
  • Mango Juice (P150)
  • Plain Yogurt Smoothie (P180)
  • Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie (P180)
  • Milk Shake (P180)

For ice cream options, customers may choose from the following flavors:

  • Plain (P100)
  • Chocolate (P120)
  • Caramel ice cream (P120) 

As of writing, the pastries are not yet being offered. One of the staff told Interaksyon that they will update the customers about this on their social media pages. 

Paik’s Coffee, which started in 2006, currently has over 1,000 outlets in South Korea. It also has a branch in Singapore.