Walt Disney TV gets 53 Emmy noms

July 29, 2023 - 10:38 AM
A smartphone with displayed "Disney" logo is seen on the keyboard in front of displayed "Streaming service" words in this illustration taken March 24, 2020. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)

The Walt Disney Television has earned a staggering 53 News & Documentary Emmy® Award nominations across its content brands and studios, including ABC News, ESPN, Disney+, Hulu, and National Geographic.

The nominations cover both news and documentary categories, with the winners set to be announced on September 27 and 28.

Among the notable nominations is “Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller” from National Geographic, which received an impressive nine nominations. 

The original documentary series delves into the intricate and perilous workings of the global underworld, black, and informal markets. The show has earned nominations in key categories, including “Outstanding Investigative News Coverage” and “Outstanding Science, Technology, or Environmental Coverage,” with particular acclaim for episodes covering subjects like “Fish Pirates” and “Amazon Mafia.”

ABC News’ “Nightline,” featuring anchors Juju Chang and Byron Pitts, also made a significant impact, securing nine nominations. 

National Geographic’s “Retrograde” is another standout with six nominations.

Matthew Heineman’s documentary series presents a cinematic and historic portrayal of the last nine months of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, showcasing perspectives from U.S. Special Forces, Afghan forces and civilians amid the country’s collapse and Taliban takeover during the U.S. withdrawal.

The film offers a unique glimpse into the costs and experiences of those involved in the conflict.

Disney’s other programs and studios also earned well-deserved recognition.

Here are the rest of Walt Disney nominees:

“ABC News Soul of a Nation Presents” (ABC News)

Five nominations

  • Outstanding Recorded News Special (Episode: “Together as One: Celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage”)
  • Outstanding Arts, Culture or Entertainment Coverage (Episode: “PRIDE: To Be Seen”)
  • Outstanding Direction: News (Episode: “PRIDE: To Be Seen”)
  • Outstanding Crime and Justice Coverage (Episode: “X / o n e r a t e d – The Murder of Malcolm X and 55 Years to Justice”)
  • Outstanding Direction: News (Episode: “X / o n e r a t e d – The Murder of Malcolm X and 55 Years to Justice”)

“Super/Natural” (National Geographic)

Four nominations

  • Outstanding Nature Documentary
  • Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary
  • Outstanding Sound
  • Outstanding Promotional Announcement

20/20 (ABC News)

Three nominations

  • Outstanding Arts, Culture or Entertainment Coverage (Episode: “Cinderella: The Reunion”)
  • Outstanding Edited Interview (with ABC World News Tonight with David Muir*) (Episode: “Breaking with the President: The Mike Pence Interview”)
  • Outstanding Edited Breaking News Coverage (with ABC World News Tonight with David Muir*) (Episode: “Putin’s War: The Battle to Save Ukraine”)

ABC World News “Tonight with David Muir” (ABC News)

Three nominations

  • Outstanding Live News Program
  • Outstanding Edited Interview(with 20/20*) (Episode: “Breaking with the President: The Mike Pence Interview”)
  • Outstanding Edited Breaking News Coverage (with 20/20*) (Episode: “Putin’s War: The Battle to Save Ukraine”)

ABC News (ABC News)

Two nominations

  • Outstanding Continuing News Coverage: Long Form (“Uvalde 365: A Year in the Community”)
  • Outstanding Direction: News (Episode: “Election Night 2022”)

“ABC News Live” (ABC News)

Two nominations

  • Outstanding Live News Special (Episode: “NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 Mission | Liftoff To Space”)
  • Outstanding Recorded News Special (Episode: “The Struggle to Understand”)

“Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story” (Hulu)

Two nominations

  • Outstanding Crime and Justice Documentary
  • Outstanding Promotional Announcement (Captive Audience “Shocking” Trailer)

“This Week with George Stephanopoulos” (ABC News)

Two nominations

  • Outstanding News Discussion & Analysis (Episode: “On the Brink of War”)
  • Outstanding Live Interview – Short Form (Episode: “Defying Putin on The Air”)

“37 Words” (ESPN)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Research: Documentary

Ashan Singh (ABC News)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Emerging Journalist

“ABC News Live Prime with Linsey Davis” (with Nightline*) (ABC News)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Hard News Feature Story: Short Form (Episode: “Inside Kharkiv’s Battle of Resilience”)

“ABC News Special Report” (ABC News)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Live News Special (Episode: “Queen Elizabeth”)

“ABC News Studios” (ABC News/Hulu)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design (Episode: “Wild Crime: Murder in Yosemite”)

“America the Beautiful” (National Geographic/Disney+)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Nature Documentary

“The Flagmakers” (National Geographic)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Short Documentary

“Sunday NFL Countdown” (ESPN)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Soft Feature Story: Short Form (Episode: “Phil & Franco”)

“Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons” (Hulu)

One nomination

  • Outstanding Business and Economic Documentary

The nominations cover a wide variety of programs and documentaries, showcasing the company’s dedication to providing captivating and educational content to its viewers. —Intern, Shiela May Balagan