Startup tech offers energy-saving solutions for businesses amid rising costs

September 1, 2023 - 11:40 AM
Photo of the press launch of Solx Technologies Inc. on August 15, 2023 (solxtechph/Facebook)

A startup energy solutions provider is helping businesses save up to 25% of their energy costs.

SolX Technologies Inc. or SolX was founded by three graduates of the Ateneo de Manila University with the aim of offering cost-effective solutions amid the rising costs of electricity in the Philippines.

Schoolmates Sergius Santos, Matthew Tan and Bradley Cua started Solx as a school project to help businesses reduce their energy supply costs.

It soon grew into a technological solutions company with a growing client base of private organizations and business entities from various industries.

In a press launch held on August 15, Santos, Tan, and Cua showcased how they reduce energy costs—through an end-to-end digital energy solutions platform.

“The Philippine energy landscape continues to evolve to address the growing need of a wide range of industries, fueled by the Philippines’ growing economy and innovation. Our job at SolX is to ensure that we help businesses throughout the energy procurement process—from analyzing their energy needs to finding the right energy supplier to work with, to monitoring and evaluating their efficiency,” Santos said.

In simple terms, Solx helps customers find the best energy supplier that can meet their needs. It also offers a solution to reduce their energy costs by up to 25%.

To do this, the Solx team uses a real-time energy monitoring system to generate important data and analytics about its customers’ energy consumption.

After determining their energy needs, customers can now “match” with the right energy supplier with the help of the Solx team through the platform.

Solx currently serves some of the country’s leading businesses and organizations.

So far, it has served more than 50 commercial and industrial facilities in the country.

It has also saved a staggering P300 million for its clients through its system.

Its well-known clients include:

  • Converge ICT
  • Bounty Farms and Bounty Fresh
  • Pryce Gas
  • Splash Corporation
  • Asian Coatings (Rain or Shine)
  • Digital Edge Philippines
  • Steel Corporation of the Philippines
  • Bestpak Packaging

In a statement, Tan said that energy accessibility to its clients is the central approach of Solx.

“Central to SolX’s approach is accessibility, compliance and convenience, as we help our clients manage and reduce their energy needs. We directly link them up to suppliers, ensure they are compliant with local laws, and enable contract optimization that fits their energy requirements,” he said.