‘Nostalgia ride’: Victory Liner offers free vintage bus rides to Baguio tourist spots

October 18, 2023 - 2:38 PM
Victory Liner_vintage bus
A restored vintage bus of Victory Liner in this photo on its Facebook page on Oct. 14, 2023 (victorylinerinc/Facebook)

Do you want to experience the feeling of riding a vintage bus?

Bus company Victory Liner is letting the public experience what it’s like visiting tourist destinations in the Summer Capital of the Philippines in its vintage bus — the “Jardinera” bus.

The “Jardinera” bus is an open-airside bus with no doors and long seats — usually wooden — facing the driver’s direction.

This type of bus was used in the Philippines several years ago, with a Facebook page claiming the vehicle was utilized in the country as early as the 1920s.

The “Jardinera” bus was also the first type of bus Victory Liner had.

According to a report, it first plied the Manila-Olongapo route on Oct. 15, 1945, several weeks after the Second World War ended.

In fact, part of the bus company’s name originated from the famous greeting that Filipinos gave to American soldiers after their victory against the Japanese — “Victory, Joe!”

As part of Victory Liner’s 78th anniversary, it has restored its vintage “Jardinera” bus which is a nod to its roots.

The bus’ historic design, known as a “Toastrack” or “Charabanc,” traces back to 19th-century France.

“In restoring this vintage bus, Victory Liner exemplifies the transport industry’s potential to meld history with innovation, past with future,” Marivic del Pilar, president and general manager of Victory Liner Inc, said.

“It is a testament to the enduring vision of a company that seeks not just to serve but to inspire, leaving tire tracks of legacy for generations to come,” she added.

The company said that in order to maintain authenticity of the vintage bus, it meticulously sourced trimmings and pre-fabricating wooden seats.

Now, the public has the chance to ride the “Jardinera” bus and at the same time, enjoy Baguio City, with Victory Liner’s free “Nostalgia Ride” initiative until November 7.

The vintage bus will embark on a tour two times a day.

During mornings, it will take the public to Burnham Park, The Mansion, Lourdes Grotto and the Stone Kingdom.

Another trip will commence by the afternoon, with the vintage bus going to the Mines View Park, the Botanical Garden, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and Burnham Park.

The bus company said it will also bring its vintage bus to Dagupan in Pangasinan for an exhibit soon.