Online shopping platform rides duck hair clip trend

February 15, 2024 - 6:07 PM
Duck hair clip
Photo of duck hair clips posted by Marlyn Bautista on the Facebook group "Baseco Online Pamilihan" on Feb. 10, 2024 (Baseco Online Pamilihan/Facebook)

An online shopping platform rode the duck hair clip trend by posting a link featuring the suddenly popular accessory.

Shopee Philippines on Thursday promoted a link to a product, which is a 10-piece yellow duck hair clip accessory being sold as a wholesale item.

“may bibe na ba ang lahat?” it said on the X (formerly Twitter) platform on February 15.

Some Pinoys indulged the app by replying to the post.

“Hahahahaha, pati sa Shopee may bibe na,” an online user wrote with a laughing emoji.

“Nag-check out na, Bestie,” another user commented, sharing a screenshot of their shopping cart with duck hair clips.

“Ikaw lang ang bibe ko, bestie, charot,” quipped another Pinoy.

The duck hair clip has been trending lately, with people wearing it on top of their heads.

Last February 11, a Facebook user shared clips where she spotted Pinoys wearing the hair accessory.

Another user also shared a clip where some people in Binondo were spotted with yellow ducks on top of their heads.

The duck hair clip trend reportedly started in Baguio City, with Esquire Philippines saying that “most online resources point to Baguio City as ground zero for these artsy accessories, specifically an anime cosplay convention that happened there in either August or October 2023.”

Last January, a Baguio-centered Facebook page edited a picture to make it appear as if the structure was wearing a duck hair clip.

“Attendees were spotted wearing clips in their hair with either a duck or a sprout design. It must’ve caught on because, by December last year, it was a common sight among people of all ages and walks of life in the city up north,” the magazine added, referring to the cosplay event.

Esquire added that the trend eventually made its way outside the Summer Capital by February, with sightings in Laguna, La Union, Pampanga and Ilocos Norte.

It said that the duck hair clips were similarly spotted in Manila during the Chinese New Year festivities, with “hordes of tourists and daytrippers all proudly wearing the yellow duck hairpiece.”

Some Redditors claimed they had seen the hair accessories in other countries like Colombia and Peru. Others also allegedly spotted it in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile.