PCSO’s viral edited photo inspires memes from brands, content creator

January 19, 2024 - 10:30 AM
Macoy Dubs_Shopee PSCO meme
Macoy Dubs pokes fun at the viral edited photo of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office in his photo posted on his Facebook page on Jan. 18, 2024; Shopee pokes fun at the PCSO's viral edited photo posted on its Facebook on Jan. 18, 2024 (hellomacoy/Facebook; ShopeePH/Facebook)

The memes are in.

A content creator and some brands poked fun at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office‘s (PCSO) viral edited photo of a lotto winner drawn last month.

The PCSO drew flak after social media users noticed that the photo of its Lotto 6/42 winner drawn on Dec. 28, 2023 was evidently altered.

Some pointed out that her image appeared inauthentic due to “inconsistencies” in how her clothes appeared.

This inspired content creator Macoy Dubs and other brands like motorcycle ride-hailing app Angkas and e-commerce app Shopee to create content in relation to the viral photo.

“SATIRE: Just bought Puro Charot Sweepstakes Office for 4 Billion pesos and will launch a new Lotto draw called LIBOG or Lottery International Bureau Of Gifting. #LisaB #LisaCares #AssetAcquisition #TayaMunaBagoToma,” Macoy quipped in a Facebook post on Thursday, January 18.

He included in his post an edited photo of himself as his online persona, “Lisa B” or “Lisa Buenaventura,” wearing shades and donning a pout.

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Macoy also wrote a made-up dialogue between his persona and PCSO Assistant General Manager Julieta Aseo, who was in the picture.

Me: May nanalo na ba mare?
Her: Kayo po nabunot, Ma’am.
Me: Okay, bilhin ko na lang company niyo. Get the cheque. 

Macoy Dubs_PCSO satire
Macoy Dubs pokes fun at the viral edited photo of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office in his photo posted on his Facebook page on Jan. 18, 2024 (hellomacoy/Facebook)

His post has earned 9,200 pure laughing reactions so far.

Angkas also created its own version by editing it in the context of an officer asking for its rider’s driver’s license.

“Me kapag hiningan ng lisensya,” the ride-hailing app said in Facebook post on January 17.

The photo of the lotto winner was edited to make it appear as if she was wearing a shirt with an Angkas logo and an Angkas helmet. Meanwhile, the PCSO official was edited to look like a traffic enforcer.

“Ayan, inayos na namin ‘yung edit,” the ride-hailing app said in its caption.

Its post has earned 110,000 pure laughing reactions, 1,500 comments and 10,000 shares so far.

Shopee also used the PSCO lotto winner picture as a template for its own content. Instead of a cheque, the receiver is holding a parcel bought from the app and delivered by its logistic service.

“Congrats sa mga nakatanggap na ng parcel,” it said in a Facebook post, which has earned 57,000 pure laughing reactions, 1,700 comments and 6,900 shares.

The PCSO on Thursday admitted that it had edited its viral lotto winner from the Lotto 6/42 game drawn last December.

It said that the photo was edited for security purposes so that the winner may not be identified.

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The agency clarified that the bettor’s clothes were digitally altered in the photo to hide what she really wore when she claimed her prize.

PCSO General Manager Melquiades Robles said that one previous Lotto winner had complained they were identified in the PCSO’s photos because of their clothing.

“One time, we covered the face, but they were identified through their clothes. The winner then complained to us,” he said.

“I agree it’s very poor editing, but the objective is to conceal the clothing that will identify them,” Robles added.

The PCSO official further said that it was not enough to digitally cover the winner’s face since someone might recognize the lucky bettor due to her outfit.

“For example, what if on that day, their neighbor would notice their clothes? One winner previously complained that they wore their favorite clothes. It’s for the purpose of concealing identity,” Robles said.

“If there’s something to apologize for it’s the editing. We’re not very good at editing the clothes,” he continued.

The PCSO official further said that while the picture was edited, the lotto winner was real.

“But here is our problem: We have to show the people that there is a genuine winner, and at the same time, without violating their privacy (winners),” Robles was quoted as saying in another report.

Lotteries are among the ways the PCSO raises and provides funds for health programs, medical assistance and charities in the country. Other forms are sweepstakes.