Pinoys laud creative ‘Cinderella 2.0’ lost shoe announcement of Baguio City

March 12, 2024 - 5:23 PM
A pair of a black stiletto shoe posted on the Facebook page of Baguio City's Public Order and Safety Division on March 11, 2024 (POSD2600/Facebook)

More than a year after Baguio City earned online buzz for its famous missing sandal announcement, the city was once again talked about for posting a poem about another lost shoe.

The Baguio Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) on Monday announced that a single pair of a high-heeled black snakeskin stiletto was found at the O-shape overpass near Abanao Street and Session Road before 2 p.m. on Sunday.

The stiletto was of European size 41.

The announcement was written in poetry form, with the title “Baguio Cinderella Story 2.0.” It reads:

A lone sole seeks its missing mate,
A crimson kiss upon its fate.
Four inches high, a daring stride,
Size forty-one, where could it hide?

Found by our enforcers, a watchful eye,
At the O-shaped bridge, beneath the sky.
Though knocking doors, a tedious quest,
A quicker path, we put to the test.

Come, gentle lady, or perhaps a gent (size 41!),
Claim this lost treasure, heaven-sent.
For in our office, a story awaits,
Perhaps a prince Charming, to seal your fate.

So come forth now, and end the plight,
Reunite the sandals, bathed in light.
Who knows what magic love might bring,
On wings of leather, you’ll surely sing.

The post has garnered 1,200 likes and reactions and over 160 comments so far.

It also earned the admiration of some Filipinos who were impressed by how the lost-and-found announcement was crafted creatively.

“Ang galing! Kudos sa gumawa ng poem, sana ganito rin sa ibang LGU (local government unit),” a Facebook user wrote.

“Kudos to you, author. Galing,” another user commented with clapping emojis.

“Ang ganda ng photo, ang galing ng poem!” exclaimed another Pinoy.

“May we know who’s the author of the poem, please. Truly, I like it. Congratulations to the author,” commended a different user.

There are still no updates about the owner of the black stiletto.

In February 2023, the Baguio POSD also went viral for posting about a lost pair of a beige sandal.

The announcement was straightforward but it had phrases referencing “Cinderella,” the famous fairy tale in which the protagonist leaves a pair of her glass slippers in the Palace after dancing with the prince.

The office also called it “A Cinderella Story.”

“You may bring your Prince Charming who could put the sandal on you… if it fits!” the Baguio POSD said before.

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The office said the beige sandal belonged to someone who they described as “strong and bubbly woman with a beautiful personality, just like Cinderella.”