Baguio’s viral ‘Cinderella’ story reaches ending as owner retrieves lost sandal 

February 1, 2023 - 2:32 PM
Baguio_Cinderella Story
Photo of the lost left pair of a beige wedge sandal on Jan. 26, 2023 and the sandal being retrieved by its owner on Jan. 30, 2023 as posted by the Baguio City's Public Order and Safety Division (Facebook/POSD2600) 

The viral “Cinderella” mystery in Baguio has now been solved.

The city’s Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) announced that the owner of the lost beige wedge sandal has come to claim the missing shoewear.

“Cinderella has escaped the attic and has come to claim her sandal!!!” it said on a Facebook post on Monday with a heart-eyed emoji.

POSD shared that the owner told them she was supposed to wear her “newly bought pair for the first time” on January 30 when she realized that one of them was missing.

“She was oblivious to how famous her sandal had become,” the office said.

POSD added that the owner retraced her steps with the hope that someone had picked it up and kept it safe for her.

“As she was asking around the shops at Maharlika Livelihood Complex for the missing sandal, somebody who was aware of our post approached her and told her that she might be the owner of the ‘Cinderella’ sandal that went viral and subsequently advised her to proceed to our office,” it said.

The office said that it has met the owner, adding that “she was a delight.”

“One thing we can reveal for now is that she is a strong and bubbly woman with a beautiful personality, just like Cinderella,” it added.

POSD also accompanied its post with the hashtag “#ACinderellaStory.”

It similarly included a photo of the famous wedge sandal.

It was on January 26 when POSD shared that it was looking for the owner of a “brand new pairless wedge sandal” which it said “may have fallen off someone’s bag.”

The left sandal was found at the Treasury Market Division office on January 23, “sometime after the clock struck 12.”

It also shared details of its brand and size.

POSD said that the owner can claim it in its office on the ground floor of Block 4 along Hilltop Road at the Baguio Public Market and show the other sandal.

“P.S. You may bring your Prince Charming who could put the sandal on you… if it fits!” it said before.

The office also titled its post “A Cinderella Story.”

POSD then showed a picture of one of its personnel holding the lost shoewear.

“Prince Charming is still waiting,” it said in the comments with a grinning face emoji.

The office’s first post about the sandal has earned 3,900 likes and reactions.

It further gained traction when the Baguio Public Information Office reshared it on its page, garnering 5,600 likes and reactions.

Meanwhile, the whole incident amused social media users who admitted to being hooked to the story.

“This is [the] first post I enjoyed reading and so excited to find out [the] finale,” a Facebook user commented with a grinning face emoji.

“Wow!!! Sakto lang… It’s Feb ibig month,” another Pinoy quipped. It is a play of the words “February” and “pag-ibig.”

“Who could be the prince for Cinderella…” commented a different user.

“Please make a little script… the outfit and everything…excited po..” another Pinoy wrote in response to POSD’s latest post.

Cinderella” is a famous fairy tale story about a young woman who becomes a servant of her abusive stepmother and stepsisters after her father’s death.

Their household eventually receives an invitation to go to a royal ball, while Cinderella is left to tend the house.

A magical woman claiming to be her fairy godmother appears and then grants her wishes to attend the ball, provided she goes home by midnight before the spell wears off.

Cinderella then meets and dances with the Prince but in her haste to leave by the appointed hour, she leaves one of her heeled shoes.

The Kingdom launches a search operation where they attempt to fit the shoe to every young woman in the hopes of finding its owner.

The Prince eventually finds Cinderella and then marries her, living “happily ever after.”