‘Angel’s bibe’: Local burger chain’s pubmat draws laugh reactions

February 21, 2024 - 5:49 PM
Angel's Burger_duck
A publication material of Angel's Burger posted on its Facebook page on Feb. 16, 2024 (angelsburgerph/Facebook)

A local burger chain rode the duck hair clip trend by modifying it to fit their brand and accompanying it with similarly modified lyrics in a viral Facebook post.

Angel’s Burger last Friday shared an image of a yellow duck wearing a hair clip featuring their burger with the caption:

“You’re my Angel’s, Angel’s bibe Angel’s”

It was the modified lyrics of Troye Sivan’s “Angel Baby” song, which has the following verse: “You’re my angel / Angel baby, angel”

The post has amassed 65,000 love and laughing reactions, 6,600 shares and 1,300 comments so far, with most Pinoys sharing their amusement at the post.

“Cute!! Kudos sa Marketing Team,” a Pinoy commented.

“Ang cute nung burger na clip. Saan nakakabili [niyan]?” another  user wrote.

“Witty,” exclaimed a different Pinoy with a laughing emoji.

“Ang galing. Give your socmed [social media] person a raise,” another user commented.

Last week, an online shopping platform also rode the duck hair clip trend by posting a product link on social media.

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The exact origins of the trend cannot be determined, although it reportedly had its roots in Baguio City, particularly in an anime cosplay convention that happened “in either August or October 2023.”

Some Reddit users claimed to have seen the hair accessory in other countries like Colombia and Peru. Others also allegedly spotted it in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile.