‘Typical corgi’: Pinoy dog stuck in staircase rail gains international buzz

October 25, 2023 - 10:18 AM
Screenshots of a corgi being rescued after he got stuck in a staircase railing (LADbibleAustralia/Facebook)

A corgi in the Philippines gained international attention after its unusual predicament was featured on an Australian-based media page.

The video showed three personnel, one from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), trying to remove a corgi who somehow got his head stuck in a staircase railing.

It was uploaded by LADbible Australia as part of its album PAWSOME II on October 22.

“No one is exactly sure how this little corgi ended up in this situation, but the fire department was quick to help him out,” the text on the video reads.

“They tried maneuvering the pup to the widest part of the rail to see if he could slip his head out by himself,” it added.

Based on the video, the three men seemed very careful handling the corgi. When they managed to get him to the wide part of the rail, the corgi managed to squirm its way out of it.

“Napagkasya po?” a voice could be heard in the background.

After the corgi squirmed his head out of the railing, a voice of relief could be heard, saying: “Ayun!”

The video has since garnered 6.2 million views and 113,000 reactions as of writing.

It also soon caught the attention of some Filipinos on Facebook.

“Corgi in the Philippines,” a Filipino on Facebook user said.

“Sa Pinas pala,” another Facebook user said.

Several Facebook users were also amused by the dog’s move by the end of the clip.

“The dog was like ‘Wait! I got myself in this situation, I know how to get myself out,’” a Facebook user said.

Other Facebook users, meanwhile, expressed concern at the pup.

“How the heck did it get in the first place?” a person commented there.

“I would’ve broken that staircase if I saw my dog stuck lol,” another person said.

Details about the owner of the video or the location where it was shot were not specified in the post.

It was also not sure if all three men were from the fire department in the Philippines.

Only one of them was wearing the uniform with the “BFP” logo.