Metro Manila firefighters, volunteers help extinguish massive Parañaque City fire

February 7, 2023 - 4:31 PM
Members of Marikina Filipino - Chinese Fire Brigade Volunteers as they respond to fire alarm at a lumber facility in Parañaque City on Monday, February 6. (MarikinaFireVolunteer/Facebook)

Firefighters and fire volunteers from different parts of Manila rushed to help extinguish a massive fire in Parañaque City on Monday, February 7.

Photos and videos of their efforts to help fire personnel in the city circulated around Facebook on that day.

This was in response to Task Force Bravo, one of the highest fire alarm levels in the country. The Bureau of Fire Protection raised this alarm over the growing blaze at a lumber warehouse along Dr. A. Santos Avenue in Parañaque City.

Members of the Response Fire Volunteer in Mandaluyong City uploaded a video that showed them heading toward the warehouse in ablaze through the Skyway southbound lane.

Volunteers and personnel from the north of Manila also uploaded photos that showed their response efforts to the fire alarm.

The BFP implements different fire alarm levels depending on the severity of the situation. The status also determines the number of fire trucks needed at the scene.

  • The first to third alarms means that the fire can still be handled by a substation.
  • The fourth to fifth alarms means that district-wide help is required.

The Task Force alarm levels make up a higher tier that is under the responsibility of the BFP Regional Director.

The Task Force alarm order are—Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo, respectively.

The highest alarm is called the “General Alarm.”

Supporting firetrucks are even dispatched if BFP assessed the blaze to be at such a state.

According to a report, the Parañaque fire broke out at first alarm before 11 p.m. on Sunday, February 5. The flames, however, quickly grew within minutes, thus the fifth alarm was raised.

The situation worsened until the BFP had to call for a Task Force alarm level, thus additional fire trucks and firemen from other substations in Metro Manila.

Reports said that thirty-seven firetrucks responded to the scene.

BFP Senior Superintendent Douglas Guiyab reported that the fire started from the workers’ living area or barracks. This was located on the east-western side of the facility.

The bureau has yet to determine the cause of the incident.

The bureau estimated the property damage to reach a staggering P20 million.