Missed a virtual meeting? New Cisco product allows workers to catch up

October 27, 2023 - 7:29 PM
Image by Chris Montgomery via Unsplash

Missed meetings and blurry audio would no longer be an issue for workers using a new platform powered by artificial technology.

Poor audio quality, poor internet connection and failing to enter virtual meetings are among the common concerns works have with video-conferencing applications.

With a new technology called Webex AI Assistant, they can easily catch up on important parts of the discussion and also enhance the audio for better communication and collaboration in a hybrid or remote setup.

Cisco, an information technology company, unveiled the product to reporters in a virtual conference on Thursday, October 26.

Webex is the organization’s signature platform for web and video conferencing.

In a statement, Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Security and Collaboration, expressed hope that the Webex AI Assistant can help bridge the gaps and issues in a hybrid workplace post-pandemic.

“We’re at the tipping point of a new era of hybrid work, with AI holding the key to helping us bridge the gap and enable us all to work and communicate to our full potential,” Patel said.

“Our Webex platform has long enabled our rapid pace of innovation. Today’s announcement is a monumental step forward, as customers will benefit from AI being pervasive in every aspect of the Webex platform,” he added.


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Webex AI can also help users perform other tasks beyond listening and viewing events virtually.

Integrated with Cisco’s other collaborative devices, this AI tool has the following features to help hybrid work more conveniently and improve overall communication:

  • Change Message Tone – offers recommendations on tone, formatting and phrasing in responding to chats
  • Built-in suggested responses – have canned or prepared responses to common queries in digital channels
  • Meeting summaries – organized summaries or highlights of virtual meetings to help users catch up on missed portions of it, or gain access to a copy of the entire event
  • Message summaries – customizable summaries of unread messages or discussions in online spaces under Webex
  • Slido Topic Summaries – generate common topics in interactive question-and-answer sessions during virtual and hybrid events

To learn more about this new technology, interested users can check out its website here Webex AI.

Artificial intelligence has been a contentious topic since the rise of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Concerns about data security were also raised amid reports of AI-powered cybercrime.

Cisco assured its users and partners that its AI framework is “designed with attention to security, privacy and human rights built in from the start.”

“Realizing AI’s significant promise while adhering to standards for transparency, fairness, accountability, privacy, security and reliability is an ongoing mission at Cisco. This is the promise of Cisco’s Responsible AI Framework, which applies to our AI offerings. The Webex AI strategy and Webex AI Assistant capabilities are secure and align with Cisco’s Responsible AI Framework,” the company said in a statement.