TECH IS KEY | Netflix is changing the way people are watching TV

June 1, 2017 - 7:05 PM
Netflix screenshot

MANILA, PHILIPPINES | Entertainment is consumed today in a fundamentally different way from just a few years ago.

From mass programming, we’re now increasingly looking at personalized experiences curated for the for each individual viewer. Consumers don’t need to confine themselves with their huge TVs and set top boxes to watch their favorite shows. Now, they want to watch on any device be it TV, mobile phone, tablet or gaming console.
There’s more. from having to wait for months or years for a show launching in the US or somewhere else around the world to be available at home, today more and more shows are being made available at the very same moment around the world.

What’s even better? Instead of taking months to follow a TV series till the end, waiting every week to watch something at a fixed time, today people are taking to completing shows in a matter of days* or watching all night long. Another great thing? There are no ads or commercial between episodes.

Netflix has done all of these and put control in the hands of consumers.

When Netflix introduced its shows with all episodes at once, starting with House of Cards, it not only broke the industry mold, but changed the course for how viewers interact with TV.

No more waiting for the world’s content

This was the first time all episodes of a TV series were released online at the same time, sparking the trend of binge-watching, and it has only taken off from there. Today Netflix original series, films and documentaries premiere on Netflix everywhere at the same time, whether Narcos, Marvel’s Luke Cage or The Crown which means all Netflix members have access to a new title simultaneously. In the age of the internet, geography increasingly has no boundaries, and with it, there is no more waiting. All this has been powered by technology Netflix has built, from a global content delivery network to the way it encodes videos to ensure seamless, buffer-free viewing.

Making any device your personal TV

By working with partners around the world, Netflix is now available on over 1,500 internet connected devices. People can squeeze in binge sessions on the way to work, in the middle of the day, in the bathroom – wherever they are, there is a way, even offline.

An entertainment experience just for you

In addition, in a world where there are thousands of shows, the biggest challenge for consumers today is deciding what to watch and being able to sift through thousands of titles to find. Netflix spearheaded personalization through smart use of big data and algorithms- to create curated, individualized experiences for every individual user. Netflix provides consumers with their own programmed entertainment network, tailored to the content they’ll most enjoy based on their unique tastes and preferences — all while surfacing a diverse assortment of stories they otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.

Picture quality as true to life

It wasn’t long ago that online video equalled inferior quality. Netflix has been working to create a superior, cutting-edge TV experience right in your home. More Netflix titles are now available on 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the list continues to grow. 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) provide higher resolutions than HDTV and more realistic color and even higher frame rates. HDR is a video processing method that integrates multiple exposures into a single frame so the images come out brighter and more vibrant. Soon you’ll be able to watch 4K and HDR titles on mobile phones.

Netflix will continue to innovate so consumers can get the best entertainment experience.