GADGETS | Quick review: Q Acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers


Our rating:

“Awesome! Nothing’s gonna beat this one. At least for now”

Q Acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers

The gist:

From award-winning U.K. hi-fi brand Q Acoustics, the Q Acoustics 3020 is a bookshelf speaker designed specifically for small- to medium-sized rooms. With its “revolutionary” 2-in-1 ring/dome tweeter and a very tight bass driver, it’s a mix of paper and aramid fibres. The latter better known by its Dupont brand name, Kevlar. The bass cone is now much larger than the 3010 that noticeably extends the bass response, yet still easy to drive, even on less powerful amplifiers. The new concentric ring dome tweeter has been uprated with ‘audiophile’ crossover offering low distortion and wide dispersion sound that perfectly fit any room.

The good:

Audiophile brand
Audiophile components
Excellent sound quality
Simple European design
Build and quality

Q Acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers

The bad:

For the price and sound quality, none at all!

Our verdict:

Siefert Research Maxim III, Denon SC-5MK by Mission, Bose 201. These are just some of the consumer bookshelf speakers we’ve been using throughout the years and quite satisfied with their sound output… well, until the Q Acoustics 3020 came. Amplified by a Denon PMA-520AE, the 3020 delivered excellent audio for its size. It will fill a small room with big booming bass and well-dispersed mids and highs. For its price and size, we’ve heard nothing like it. Sound quality is outstanding, build quality looks exceptional, and the simple speaker layout design is beautifully balanced, and truly up-to-date. We find this Q Acoustics model best for small- to medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, man caves, and condos. These speakers fit perfectly for modern living and of course, the starting audiophile on a budget. Go get one.

Q Acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers

Quick specs:

Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
Bass Unit: 125mm
Treble Unit: 25mm
Frequency Response: 64Hz – 22kHz
Nominal Impedance: 6ohm
Minimum Impedance: 4.0ohm
Sensitivity: 88dB
Recommended Power: 25 – 75w
Crossover Frequency: 2.9kHz
Dimensions H/D/W: 260mm x 226mm x 170mm
Weight: 4.6kg
Sold in: Pairs

What’s in the box?:

2x 3020 bookshelf speakers
2x Magnetic speaker grills
2x Port bungs
1x White cotton speaker handling gloves
1x User manual
8x Rubber speaker grips

SRP: P15,900.