WATCH | Medical watch uses AI to monitor health


The smartwatch health monitor that promises an early warning system for medical emergencies and can even call an ambulance, as Reuters’ Stuart McDill reports.

The latest health monitor watching over its wearer – on permanent call for any signs of illness. Sensors on the MAP Health Watch constantly measure ECG, pulse, skin temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level, 24 hours a day. Learning about its owner the longer the watch is worn.

“That is an enormous large amount of big data which is going to be evaluated on and off line by the artificial intelligence and by the research team,” Tom Horvath, medical engineer, saying.

Its Hungarian developers says the system can diagnose and identifying potential health risks as they arise.

“The longer the person wears this watch the longer the watch can adapt to its user, and then better alarm signals and fewer false alarms will be generated,” Horvath saying.

The watch will sell for under $300 dollars with a $50 monthly charge for the subscription service which alerts a team of doctor should you need urgent help….such as for infarction – a heart attack.

“When an ECG stripe is registered then the doctor realises that there has been infarction, there are signs of an old infarction, and the patient is not aware of this. In case the patient would have worn this watch then the regular ECG measurement would have registered the early signs of an infarction and we could have helped this patient much earlier,” Dr. Alexandra Pinter, medical advisor, saying.

The watch that knows when it’s time to call the doctor – goes into production later this year.