WATCH | Toyota’s humanoid robot helper mirrors its controller


Japanese car maker Toyota unveils a new humanoid robot that mirrors the movements of its remote operator, as Reuters’ Stuart McDill reports.

Introducing T-HR3 – Toyota’s third generation humanoid robot Designed to explore how clever joints can improve brilliant balance and real remote control Toyota says its 29 joints allow it to copy the most complex of moves – safely Bringing friendly, helpful robots one step closer.

“Humanoid robots are very popular among Japanese people…creating one like this has always been our dream and that’s why we pursued it,” Akifumi Tamaoki, manager of partner robot division at Toyota Motor Corporation, saying.

The robot is controlled by a remote operator sitting in an exoskeleton — mirroring its master’s moves A headset giving the operator a realtime robot point of view.

“We’re primarily focused on making this robot a very family-oriented one, so that it can help people including services such as carer,” Tamaoki, saying.

Toyota say T-HR3 could help around the homes or medical facilities in Japan or construction sites A humanoid helping hand – designed for a population ageing faster than anywhere else on earth.