Beat the heat with scoops of Carte D’Or, UK’s number one gelato treat

May 18, 2017 - 8:22 AM
Clockwise from extreme left: Carte D’Or's Salted Caramel, Double Dark Chocolate, and Pistachio gelato flavors. Photo by Romsanne Ortiguero, InterAksyon.

With the unforgiving heat of the summer season, indulging in good-quality gelato is surely one of the best treats you can give yourself. The good news is, UK’s No. 1 premium gelato brand, Carte D’Or is now in the Philippines.

A go-to brand by dessert lovers in Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey among many others, Carte D’Or Gelato is set to satisfy the sweet-tooth cravings of a discerning market in Southeast Asia.

Debuting first in the Philippines, Carte D’Or Gelato takes pride in using few yet of the highest quality ingredients, which they source from different parts of the world.

UK’s No. 1 premium gelato brand, Carte D’Or is now in the Philippines. Image courtesy of Carte D’Or.

Carte D’Or brand manager Earl Keh shared during a press preview held in Fabtech Kitchens in Makati City, “Carte D’Or gelato is finally in the Philippines. We say it’s more than ice cream it’s Carte D’Or gelato. It’s richer, it’s creamier, and most of all it’s authentic.”

“We know that not all ice cream labels are created equal and just because it’s called ice cream, it does not necessarily mean that it has cream in it. Carte D’Or gelato is made with real cream that we imported from Australia that’s why its creamier, and also has a cleaner taste so that the flavors truly come out. And, speaking of flavors, we’re talking about authentic flavors here and we pride ourselves in sourcing from only the best wherever that may take us,” he added.

Carte D’Or Gelato consists of the best-quality ingredients from different parts of the world. Photo by Romsanne Ortiguero, InterAksyon.

Carte D’Or uses cream and butter from Australia for their Salted Caramel gelato; chocolate from Belgium for their Double Dark Chocolate gelato; pistachios from South Australia and California for their Pistachio gelato; and hazelnuts from Turkey for their Chocolate Hazelnut gelato.

Giving a sneak peek on the process of making Carte D’Or gelato, the brand together with pastry chef, Chef Miko Aspiras held a gelato masterclass, where some members of the press participated in making the brand’s Pistachio-flavored gelato.

In here, we’ve learned that Carte D’Or uses pure pistachio paste blended with pure Australian cream and some roasted pistachio for texture. After freezing the gelato, we were able to taste our creations as well as other Carte D’Or flavors including the  Salted Caramel and Double Dark Chocolate.

Chef Aspiras, who is closely working with Carte D’Or in coming up with gelato flavors, said that more flavors are going to be available soon.

“I promise you this is the only first batch of flavors, and I’m currently working with people from Carte D’Or. We want to come up with more creative and innovative flavors but were open to suggestions so if you want the flavors of your dreams to come true, you can definitely suggest that, and let’s see what we can do,” he said.

Chef Miko Aspiras shows the many ways one can serve gelato. Photo by Romsanne Ortiguero, InterAksyon.

These new flavors will be launched in October, along with some limited edition flavors, according to Jessie Ericta, Senior Assistan Brand manager of Carte D’Or.

Chef Aspiras told InterAksyon that they will also be launching a flavor that will be seen in the market for the first time. “There’s nothing like it,” he said.

Carte D’Or and Chef Aspiras is also looking on the possibility of creating new flavors using Filipino ingredients. Chef Aspiras told us that he is looking into using fruits and nuts that are grown here in the Philippines.

Asked if the Philippines has the kind of quality ingredients that Carte D’Or is looking for, Chef Aspiras confidently answered, “Yes,” adding that sourcing raw materials locally will also benefit Filipino farmers.

Carte D’Or is available in select supermarkets.