Cream Silk launches most effective formulation yet for Filipinas

Cream Silk’s new Customized Solutions range was created to answer the hair conditions of Filipinas. Photo by Romsanne Ortiguero, InterAksyon.

Even hair has its own needs, which is why Cream Silk launched its new Customized Solutions range—its most effective formulation yet in more than 30 years—for Filipino women.

Cream Silk brand manager, Raiza Revilla said in a media event, “As the leader in hair care, Cream Silk recognizes that we’re all different—meaning, different hair types and different hair concerns. Frizzy, weak, or dry—these are actually some of the most common hair problems that we Filipinas face.

“We really want to address each one with our range of customized solutions keeping in mind of course that there is a Cream Silk variant for every hair type and every hair need,” she added.

The secret to the brand’s new Customized Solutions range is the Advanced Hair Reborn Technology, which is designed to smoothen and strengthen hair as well as replenish lost nutrients from within.

The technology, developed by Unilever’s global research and development scientists from the Philippines, UK, and China features optimized conditioner structure allowing the richest conditioning possible; a new formulation with upgraded nutrients including Vitamin B5 and lysine; and evolved customized range wherein each product has its own customized formula to each hair need.

Cream Silk’s variants include Standout Straight that has a frizz defense complex for up to four times straighter hair; Hair Fall Defense that has a break-shield complex for up to 38% less hair fall; Damage Control that has a fiber repair complex for up to 97% damage protection; Dry Rescue that has a moisture lock complex for up to 97% dryness free hair; Stunning Shine that has a shine boost complex for up to 50% shinier hair; and Dandruff Free that has a scalp protect complex for 100% dandruff-free hair.

Cream Silk also introducing a new variant, the Color Protect, which has a color protect complex, which provides up to 80% color protection.

“We saw in the market that there’s a lot of Filipinas now with colored hair. Gone are the days when the gold standard for hair is just black. When we’re looking at statistics, five or six out of 10 Filipinas have colored hair nowadays that’s why this newest variant is perfect for them,” shared Revilla.

Cream Silk’s variants including the newest Color Protect. Photo courtesy of Cream Silk.

Along with the product launch, singer-actress Julie Anne San Jose was also introduced as the brand’s celebrity brand endorser for Cream Silk Dandruff-free solution.

Actress and singer Julie Ann San Jose poses for members of the press during her presentation as Cream Silk’s newest celebrity brand endorser. Photo by Romsanne Ortiguero, InterAksyon.

San Jose and Revilla gamely shared their hair care tips to guests at the launch:

1. Cleanse your hair with your favorite shampoo.
“I always make sure that my hair is properly conditioned and moisturized. I wash my hair everyday so that all the products would come off my head. I’m an OC type of person, and I always make sure that I’m always clean,” San Jose shared, underscoring that it’s really important to maintain a good hair.

Revilla also suggested using the Cream Silk variant that suits one’s hair condition.

2. Do not rub your hair too vigorously when drying with a towel.
“When it’s damp, it is prone to friction, hence, causing the breakage and hair fall. Just gently press it with dry towel,” Revilla advised.

3. Limit your exposure to the sun.
Too much exposure from the sun is harmful to our skin, but it’s as harmful to our hair. I know we can’t avoid it that much given the heat in our country so use an umbrella or perhaps cute hats,” the brand manager said.

4. Do not use too much heat on your hair.
“Whenever I use blowers, hair straighteners, or curlers, ‘di masyadong mainit yung setting because it’s one reason why our hair gets damaged,” shared San Jose.

The singer also added that she sometimes opts for natural treatments such as coconut oil, aloe vera, or even egg on her hair.

5. Be confident with your hair.
“There are bad days of course,” shared San Jose, and added that despite the pressure being put on them as a public personalities, she opts to just be herself.

“The point is to just be yourself; just be the best you can be; just always try hard to break free from all you fears and worries,” she said.

The team behind the Cream Silk Brand: Back row, from left, Marlo Mangilin Head of Research and Development, Unilever Philippines; front row, from left, Ann Esteves Marketing Manager, CSK; Raiza Revilla Brand Manager, CSK; Julie Anne San Jose, CSK Brand Endorser; Dorothy Dee-Ching Marketing Director, CSK; Apples Aberin Head of PR, Unilever Philippines; and Renato Mallar, Senior R&D Manager. Together with them at the front are Daniella De Leon, Hair R&D Manager, Unilever Philippines; Nikki Tuason, Management Trainee; Carmela Guno Assistant Brand Manager, CSK; and Leya Castillo PR Assistant, Unilever Philippines. Photo by Romsanne Ortiguero, InterAksyon.