WATCH | Revealed: How Mom makes Christmas the best time of the year—every year


Video courtesy of Lady’s Choice.

Ah, the merriest time of the year! The relaxing Chrismtas carols. Rich and festive noche Buena. Glittering yule decors. Wonderfully wrapped holiday presents. Every year has got to be the best Christmas ever.

Or, is it, really?

Rewind and take a look back at what really happens days before Christmas as Mom makes sure all her holiday preparations become mission accomplished for that grand family celebration.

Lady’s Choice pays tribute to Moms this holiday season with a Christmas Special video called “Behind the Scenes” featuring what happens days before the family’s grand Christmas reunion. Screenshot from Lady’s Choice video.

Lady’s Choice, the Filipino family’s all-time favorite mayonnaise especially for making classic Macaroni Salad, honors all mothers in a Christmas Special video aptly titled as “Mom Behind The Scenes.”

The video offers a realistic look at the extra care and effort, as well as the mad rush that mothers go through this time of the year—each year—to ensure Christmas becomes a joyful moment for her family.

A mother can always buy take-out meals for the family to enjoy, but the one non-negotiable dish that many Filipino moms make sure to make is her Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad. Rich, creamy, sweet, and colorful, it’s the all-time holiday comfort food filled with the family’s favorite ingredients in a bowl mixed with the home-made texture and rich flavor of Lady’s Choice mayonnaise.

In the same way, one can’t trade a mother’s special touch when it comes to decorating her home for the holidays and making time to wrap the presents for her loved ones.

Watch how one super mom turns from drained to delighted when her child shows some love and appreciation this Christmas. Definitely, a priceless moment.

CAPTION: Lady’s Choice pays tribute to moms this Christmas and all the little things she does to create warm family memories. Screenshot from Lady’s Choice video.