Clarita Carlos’ old FB post gains traction after security appointment

June 9, 2022 - 5:29 PM
Clarita Carlos and Marcos Jr
Retired professor Clarita Carlos meeting president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in his headquarters in Mandaluyong in this photo posted by lawyer Vic Rodriguez on Facebook on June 8, 2022. (Facebook/attyvicrodriguez)

“I am absolutely not looking for a job.”

A past Facebook post of retired professor Clarita Carlos gained traction after president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. appointed her to become his national security adviser.

The former political science professor from the University of the Philippines will be the director-general of the National Security Council.

The NSC is the principal advisory body in charge of proper coordination and integration of plans and policies affecting national security.

The post of the national security adviser is typically assigned to former military officers or politicians with a defense background.

Two civilians were assigned to the post before, namely Norberto Gonzales under the Arroyo administration and former UP president Emanuel Soriano of the first Aquino administration.

Meanwhile, Marcos Jr’s camp announced the pick on Wednesday and said that Carlos and the president-elect held a two-hour-long meeting prior.

The retired professor will replace incumbent national security adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr., a former armed forces chief.

A bit of background

Carlos was the first female president of the National Defense College of the Philippines.

She gained national attention after appearing as one of the panelists in SMNI network’s presidential debate, where she asked Marcos Jr. if he considered himself a “Machiavellian” in terms of leadership style.

A Facebook post of hers gained traction a day after she was announced to replace Esperon.

A Reddit user on Thursday recalled that Carlos wrote she was “absolutely not looking for a job” on March 27, a day after SMNI held its second presidential debate.

“Clarita Carlos just ~2 months ago: ‘I am absolutely not looking for a job and would rather remain a SCHOLAR SCIENTIST!'” the user wrote on r/Philippines, a subreddit in the discussion website for Filipinos.

Carlos wrote the following on her Facebook before:

I am so CONSUMED WITH IRRITATION at brainless idiotic accusations ascribing motives to me which are ABSOLUTELY NOT THERE!

Here goes:

1. Everyone is a political animal but I am NOT a political animal looking for a job!

2. I have been in government service at the DND as President of the National Defense College and most experiences there are joyful, but some are not joyful;

3. I am absolutely not looking for a job and would rather remain a SCHOLAR SCIENTIST!

P.S. If, despite above, you still insist the contrary, please look for the deepest lake and DROWN YOURSELF!!! Bah!

Redditors wasted no time expressing their opinions after seeing her old post.

“Aged like milk,” one user wrote.

“Joke lang daw hahahahah,” another Redditor commented.

“It’s a prank!” a different user said.

“Just how fast the night changes,” wrote another Redditor.

During the presidential campaign, Carlos was perceived to be pro-Marcos.

She was among those who were allegedly being eyed to become a Cabinet member under Marcos Jr’s administration, particularly as a foreign affairs secretary.