Son calls for Adora Faye de Vera’s immediate release, transfer to Manila

August 30, 2022 - 5:13 PM
An old photo of Adora Faye de Vera and her son Ron (Facebook/Ron de Vera)

The son of Adora Faye de Vera, a Martial Law survivor, called for help online to fund his mother’s medicine and other needs while she remains in police custody.

Adora is also the elder sister of Prospero “Popoy” de Vera, the chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education.

Her son, Ron de Vera, posted about Adora’s needs and called on those who wish to help them in their campaign for Adora’s immediate release and transfer to Manila in a Facebook post on August 28.

Adora was arrested on August 24 over charges of multiple murders and frustrated murder with the use of explosives, particularly land mines. She is also facing rebellion charges in a separate case.

The Martial Law survivor is currently under police custody in the town of Calinog in Iloilo.

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Ron said that his family appreciates any form of help they can receive for his mother.

So far, they need cash to fund Adora’s airfare, reproduction of documents and other incidentals that would help her in the province.

“Legal services are already covered, but we will need funds for airfare, reproduction of documents, communication, and other incidentals for the team helping her in Iloilo,” Ron said.

He added that among their goals is to put pressure on the government to move Adora to Manila.

“Having funds will also give us the flexibility to manage her other needs as we’re sure the non-monetary support will not come in equal quantities,” Rom said.

Adora’s son provided an excel sheet that contained the account details where people can course their donations.

Ron further hoped that his post about his mother’s plight would reach more people.

“The more people who are aware that she is being held in detention, the more careful the government will be in handling her,” he said.

He stated that their calls for the government are as follows:

  • Dismiss all fabricated charges.
  • Release her on humanitarian grounds.
  • Immediately transfer her to Manila where she is safer, will have access to proper medical care, and will be closer to her family.

Medicine, books, poetry

At 66, Adora is suffering from chronic asthma and anemia. She also has deteriorating bones.

Ron lamented that his mother has not yet undergone a full medical exam because the clinic near the police station is “not exactly best in class.”

“The most they did was take an x-ray and give her Mefenamic Acid for the injuries she sustained when she was illegally arrested,” he said.

Ron listed the following medicines that Adora currently needs to take:

  • Vitamin B-Complex (for anemia)
  • Iron Supplements (for anemia)
  • Calcium Supplements (for her bones)
  • ASCOF Lagundi Tablets (for immediate relief during asthma attacks)

Aside from medicines and cash, Ron is hopeful that Adora would receive letters of support, books and any reading materials such as short stories and poetry “to keep her sane.”

“This was a very specific request. Mama gets bored quickly. She’s a voracious reader, so reading books will help keep her sane. She likes short stories and poetry,” Ron said.

He noted that any letters and photos will be inspected by jail guards before they can be given to Adora. However, he will try his best so that Adora could receive all these tokens of support.