Juxtaposed: Marcos’ press secretary’s and executive secretary’s ‘First 100 Days’ tactic

October 7, 2022 - 9:49 AM
OPS_Facebook header
Header photo of the Facebook page of the Office of the Press Secretary uploaded on Oct. (Facebook/opsgov)

The Office of the Press Secretary (OPS) changed the header of its social media accounts in anticipation of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr‘s 100th day in office.

The OPS serves as the communications arm of the administration and has the power to pronounce, on behalf of the president, matters pertaining to his actions, policies, programs, official activities and accomplishments.

The office was reorganized from the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), which was established under the Aquino administration in 2010.

PCOO replaced the original OPS created in the first Aquino administration in 1986. It was established with the acknowledgment of Filipinos’ “right to be informed of the activities, policies and directions of their government.”

Last October 4, the OPS under the latest administration changed its header photo with graphics representing “The First 100 Days” of Marcos in Office. The president’s 100th day is on October 8.

The changes were made on OPS’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The banner has a color scheme following the Philippine flag’s hues and its elements—three stars and a sun.

OPS header_Twitter
(Screengrab by Interaksyon from Twitter/opsgovph)
OPS header_Facebook
(Screengrab by Interaksyon from Facebook/opsgov)

A short description accompanies the header on Facebook.

“Sa nalalapit na ika-100 na araw ng pamumuno ni Pangulong Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., ating alamin ang mga naging tagumpay ng kanyang administrasyon,” it reads.

The header was uploaded on Facebook on October 4, the same day that former press secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles announced her resignation.

The “First 100 Days” headers caught the attention of some Filipinos who recalled the words of Marcos’ newly appointed executive secretary.

“Pero may paggawa ng pub [publication material] like this cover photo lol,” market analyst John Paul Tanyag tweeted, adding a screengrab of the OPS’ Twitter header.

He was responding to Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin, former chief justice.

Bersamin on Tuesday said Marcos has no plans to highlight his accomplishments in his first 100 days as president.

“It seems that he’s not that kind na mag-e-emphasize siya sa 100 days,” the ES said to select Palace reporters before.

“Si presidente is always ambivalent about that term 100. Bakit 100? Bakit hindi 50? Are we bound to give a report on 100 days, sabi niyang ganiyan,” Bersamin added.

A day after, Marcos mentioned his first 100 days in office before officers and members of the Manila Overseas Press Club.

“I think what we have managed to do in the first 100 days is put together [a] government which is functional and which has a very, very good idea of what we are targeting in terms of strict economic targets,” he said on Wednesday.

“For example, in terms of the numbers of growth, the numbers of the different measures, the different metrics that we are using for the economy,” Marcos added.

“The promises that were made during the campaign, for example, that we bring the best and brightest and we do not look at color in terms of — political color, I think we have done that. And more importantly, we have galvanized government once again into governing,” he further said.