Marcos Jr’s youngest son does OJT at Romualdez’s House office

January 30, 2023 - 7:55 PM
House Speaker Martin Romualdez and presidential son Vincent Marcos (Martin Romualdez Website/Released)

House Speaker Martin Romualdez confirmed that his nephew and president’s son Vincent Marcos has been working as an intern at the lawmaker’s office since last week. 

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s youngest son will undergo training in the legislative processes, according to the Leyte First District representative. 

In an online discussion in March last year, then-presidential candidate Marcos said he is in favor of family members wanting to serve the public.

“You cannot stop people from wanting to serve,” the presidential candidate said when asked about the establishment of a political dynasty.

“Imee wants to serve. I want to serve. Sandro, my son, wants to serve. What would I tell them, ‘No, don’t help’?” Marcos added.

“Kung binoto naman ng tao, e di they deserve to be in wherever they are,” he continued.

Meanwhile, his 25-year-old son “will be mentored on the daily grind at the House of Representatives, including the role and interaction of various committees and departments on the legislative processes, as well as strategies to help expedite the passage of vital bills and other measures for the benefit of the Filipino people.” 

Romualdez will supervise and oversee Vincent’s training, the lawmaker said in a statement. 

Before entering Congress, Senior Deputy Majority Leader Rep. Sandro (Ilocos Norte, First District), Vincent’s older brother, also used to work for Romualdez.  

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‘Family affair?’

Some social media users raised their eyebrows over the news confirming that the youngest son of the president became an intern at the House of Representatives. 

Others see it as a way to extend the power of the Marcos dynasty. 

“Yan na tini-train na sila susunod yapak ng lolo, ama nila kaya dumadami dynasties,” a social media user said

“Inihahanda na nila pamilya nila sa next election baka 3 dozen na ang mga Marcoses sa govt,” an online user commented

“The more, the merrier! Politics is a good business!” a Facebook user sarcastically wrote with angry emojis. 

“Pwede ba maging congressman bukas, may experience na pala e,” an online user said in jest. 

“‘The family affair’. Kawawang Pilipinas,” a social media user lamented

Apart from President Marcos, Romualdez, and Sandro, other members of the Marcos family are holding an elective position. These are Sen. Imee Marcos (president’s sister) and Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc (Imee’s son).

Some online users, meanwhile, tagged Vincent as a “nepo baby” because of his role as an intern in his uncle’s office. 

In late 2022, the term “nepo baby” became a buzzword after New York Magazine used it for its cover story.

A nepo baby is the child of influential personalities who uses their parents’ influence to get a step ahead in their careers.

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On publicity

Meanwhile, in an interview in March last year, a few months before the presidential elections, Vincent said he preferred to stay out of the limelight and disliked the publicity when his father announced his presidential bid. 

“I was like, ‘Oh, God’. Security. No more freedom, more cameras. Because I really try to stay out of the public eye if I can help it,” Vincent said. 

“I’m a software engineer. All the publicity in the world can’t help your code. It’s just not my thing,” he added.