‘Hindi po ako ‘yan’: Public urged to report false posts claiming Robredo vaccinated

March 3, 2021 - 12:36 PM
This composite photo shows Vice President Leni Robredo and Dr. Flordeliza Grana. (Vice President Leni Robredo speaking in an "Angat Buhay" program on this photo shared on her Facebook page on Feb. 3, 2021. (VP Leni Robredo via Facebook; DOH/Facebook)

False social media posts about Vice President Leni Robredo claimed that she was vaccinated against the coronavirus disease and that it was only for show.

Her eldest daughter, Aika, called on online users to help them report the fake posts on the platform. She also asked those who shared them to verify their posts first.

“Fake news alert. Sana siniguro niyo muna na si @lenirobredo
iyan. Na-excite na naman kasi kayo agad,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

“Here’s the link to the post and we hope you can help us report. Salamat po!” Aika added in another tweet.

The link redirects to her mother’s Facebook status which features some screengrabs of the fake posts to be reported.

“This is ridiculously funny. Hindi po ako ‘yan,” the elder Robredo said in response to the posts with a facepalm emoji.

“Ayoko na sanang patulan pero ang daming nagpapadala ng mga screenshots. Kung hindi kayo busy, pa-report nalang please. Maraming salamat po,” she added.

Robredo also said that the woman who was being vaccinated in the picture is Flordeliza Grana, a pediatric surgeon at the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center, and not her.

“She was wearing a ‘bakuna’ blouse—the sleeves have slits.
Sorry, Dra. Nadamay ka pa tuloy,” she added.


The photo being shared as false post was taken from a local news outlet’s Facebook page which reported the rollout of the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine to medical workers at the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center Hospital in Marikina City

It featured Grana receiving the CoronaVac on her left arm.

While her sleeves were down, it had slits on the side which enabled her to be vaccinated without rolling it up to expose her arm.

Facebook page “Nurses for Change Movement” also backed Robredo. They also clarified that the woman in the photo was Grana.

“KALMA LANG PO. This is Dr. Flordeliza Grana of Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center,” it said.

Mistaken identity

When the local news outlet uploaded Grana’s picture on its page, there were some people who mistook her for Robredo.

Like Robredo, Grana also wears similar eyeglasses. The physician was wearing a face shield and a face mask which prompted some to mistook her as Robredo.

Scathing comments were made against Robredo for supposedly being vaccinated for show since Grana’s sleeves were not rolled up during her vaccination.

Among those who allegedly believed it was Robredo include pro-administration writer Krizette Laureta Chu.

Another pro-administration personality, blogger Sass Rogando Sasot, was reported to share the controversial picture as well, although she did not mention Robredo’s name. Her followers, however, cited the official.

Sasot later edited her post to clarify that the woman was not Robredo.