FAKE: Justice Leonen did not ask for prayers for handling Marcos DQ case

May 24, 2022 - 4:17 PM
Marvic Leonen
Associate Justice Marvic Leonen of the Supreme Court greets visitors who await the bar licensure exams on April 12, 2022 in Manila. (Philstar.com/Deejae Dumlao)

Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen debunked social media claims that he is supposedly asking for prayers amid rumors that he would handle the disqualification case against Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the presumptive president-elect.

The magistrate on Monday called the claims “fake news” and reminded the public to refrain from believing “everything you get from group chats.”

“Suddenly getting messages from friends that they are praying for me. Apparently, there is fake news going around that I am asking for prayers from everyone. Those who know me know my beliefs. Also, I am well po,” Leonen tweeted.

He reiterated this in another tweet in which he urged Filipinos to “be critical about what you send to others.”

“Just because you receive a message that you want to believe it does not make it true. When you repost unvalidated information, you participate in disinformation. I did not ask for prayers from everyone,” Leonen wrote.

He has also been responding to some tweets that pass around the false message.

“This is false information po. But thank you for your concern. Let’s not pass on invalidated information. We just participate in disinformation if we do so. Many thanks again,” Leonen replied to a now-deleted post that sought prayers for him.

A text has been going around messaging platforms that reads:

“Forwarding as received. Justice Leonen is asking for prayers asap. He will handle the dq case of BBM. Lets storm heaven for Justice Leonen. Requesting prayer warriors. Please pass around.”

Similar claims have also been circulating on Facebook.

“Cory and Susan help us pray for the strength of Justice Marvin Leonen for he will handle the disqualification case of BBM. For Filipinos who love our country, our freedom, our democracy LETS STORM HEAVEN FOR PRAYERS TO GIVE STRENGTH TO MARVIN LEONEN….in Jesus name. Amen.”

(Screengrab by Interaksyon from Facebook)

A petition to cancel Marcos Jr’s certificate of candidacy was elevated to the Supreme Court last week by the group of former Court spokesperson Theodore Te.

Like other petitions, it is anchored on the presumptive president-elect’s conviction for non-failure of Income Tax Return for four years.

The petitioners accused Marcos Jr of “misrepresentations pertaining to his eligibility due to his prior convictions under the 1977 [National Internal Revenue Code.”

It also touches on the Marcoses’ family estate tax liability, estimated to have reached P203 billion due to surcharges and interest, as testament to Marcos Jr.’s “propensity to flour Philippine laws.”

The camp of Marcos Jr. said they will seek the dismissal of the petitions.

“You must remember, this issue of disqualification was ruled upon by the Comelec division and, later on, it was ruled upon by the Comelec en banc, so you already have two rulings affirming the qualification of BBM (Marcos),” former solicitor general Estelito Mendoza said.