An app that helps you see if a new hair color will suit you

January 18, 2019 - 12:37 PM
YouCam Makeup
A beauty app allows people to change their appearances within seconds through the help of augmented reality technology. (YouTube/YouCam Makeup)

A smartphone application is letting people change appearance in a matter of seconds through artificial intelligence technologies and augmented reality.

YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam is an app that enables users to virtually put on makeup, change their hair and eye colors and try on different accessories.

It also provides a skin care analysis feature that lets people see the areas of their face they need to focus on for their skincare routine.

The app allows people, especially makeup aficionados and those with sensitive skin, to try on different sorts of makeup without putting their actual skin on risk.

It lets them see how their faces would look like if they apply a blush, highlighter, eye shadow and lipstick, among others.

“It lets you sample all these different shades (of makeup) without washing your face at the department store,” Heather Roetman, Perfect Corp US’ business development director, explained.

Those who want to color their hair can use the app to see if a particular shade would match them before they head out to salons.

Users can also adjust the color’s intensity and save a picture of it in case they needed to show a reference to their respective hairstylists.

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Beauty and technology  

The app, developed by Perfect Corp, uses artificial intelligence-based augmented reality tools that provide an accurate image of a user whenever the latter would try on virtual makeup, hair colors or accessories.

It offers a “realistic ‘magic mirror’ facial recognition” that identifies and analyzes the user’s facial features and allows them to experience such effects.

“It’s also especially good at tracking your movements and keeping the elements in place as you move your face around,” a retail and shopping website revealed.

“It truly looks as if you’re watching a projected image of your face wearing the makeup, not like someone painted eyeshadow on top of a screen.”

Some similar apps in the market are ModiFace, Makeup Genius, Perfect 365, Facetune, GlamScout and LakMé Makeup Pro.