Controversial PUA Academy returns with new ‘dating program’ despite past outrage

February 26, 2019 - 6:43 PM
PUA Academy video Interaksyon
A coach named Jex from the controversial PUA Academy (Facebook/PUA Academy)

A new video from the Pickup Artists (PUA) Academy, a group who gained infamy for tactics of harassment and abuse of women, drew flak onine for perpetuating the same idea again.

The five-minute video posted on February 18 on Facebook featured a certain Jex who was introducing a program called “The Player” which he developed with techniques he learned after five years of being in the academy.

Part of the caption read: “If you’re still single and have a hard time attracting someone who you really like, it only means that you’re doing something wrong and you’re missing the secret!”


IT'S NOT ABOUT WOMEN… IT'S BUILDING A LIFE. For women, it's only just for friends or a romantic relationship.. Remember that..If you're still SINGLE and have a hard time attracting someone who you really like, it only means that you're doing something wrong and you're missing THE SECRET! 😔.Don't ever be in the FRIENDZONE!!! . GOOD GUYS NEVER FINISH LAST! BE ONE STEP AHEAD: Reserve BEFORE END OF FEB and get tips on how to swoon a girl HALF OFF!!! . Over 40 videos of effective tips, tricks, and more! LIMITED SLOTS before price increases!!

Posted by PUA Academy on Sunday, February 17, 2019

While he did not explicitly say so, Jex’s narrative suggests the “Academy’s” main objective of picking up women for sex.

It was not well-received online.

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The post was linked to PUA Academy’s official website where Jex described how his encounter with “Smooth” or Sein Meneses, the founder of the school, helped him learn how to date “hundreds” of women.

“It ignited a fire inside of me. I took action and learned everything about dating, relationship, and women. I had to try walking up to girls that I’ve never met before and they became my girlfriend after a couple of hours,” part of his introduction on the website said.

It included photos of different women he allegedly went out with. Only the eyes of the women were blurred out and it could not be verified if he has permission to use them for commercial purposes.

It was a non-profit women’s organization called Youth against Sexual Harassment that exposed their inner workings last April 2018.

Following the public outrage, PUA Academy went dark and deactivated its online accounts. However, it appeared to have continued its operations from its previously known accounts.

PUA Academy is still active

In October of 2018, Twitter user @islandwomanrise shared a collection of stories from different women who were approached by men they did not know in commercial areas and alleged that these men were members of the academy.

She also disclosed that PUA Academy is registered as a barangay-level business only at the Department of Trade and Industry.

Gabriela Women’s Party later took notice and called out them out for their misogynistic and disrespectful actions.

“Lessons at PUA academy are rife with misogyny, disrespect, and objectification of women and their practices have already victimized many,” part of its statement said.

Browsing through its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and its website, it still retained its slogan of being “Asia’s Leading Dating Company” and displayed logos of different media organizations on its banner photo to make the business appear legitimate.

Jex’s “The Player” online course which comprise five parts range from P2,995 to P7,995.

This price range is similar to other products or courses offered at PUA Academy such as boot camps, immersions and conventions.