How a Filipino schooled tourists for being rowdy in a local restaurant

April 26, 2019 - 5:24 PM
A group of travelers (Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash)

A Facebook user narrated how his friend schooled two foreigners who were unruly at a branch of a popular fast food restaurant in Manila.

Facebook user Teddy Montelibano shared on April 13 that his friend, a certain Marc Montesa, figured in a brawl against two male Chinese nationals who were smoking and talking loudly at a McDonald’s branch in Las Piñas.

The post initially came from Montesa’s page and Montelibano just re-posted it on his account.

HEY DOGing, you wanna see a FILIPINO with BALLS?? Show 'em Marc! GOOD JAB, buddy! (proud of you and your bro (and mine,…

Posted by Teddy Y. Montelibano on Friday, April 12, 2019

The guard first called the foreigners’ attention for being too rowdy and for smoking in public. However, one of them suddenly shouted at him and told him off for it.

Montesa then took it to himself to confront the other Chinese man but got disrespected as well.

The situation soon took a violent turn.

“So what happens next is an uppercut right, left hook to his right, jaw and a right straight to his face which decked him to the Floor! Bagsak, 5’9 pa naman,” the post read.

Montesa was offered P1,500 for him to stop the attacks, however, the latter refused.

The local police later came and arrested the two men.

“If this government will not stand for our rights, I surely will, I am not political, but when our people are mistreated by foreigners. That for me is a no, no! Come hell or high water!” Montesa told Monelibano.

It’s difficult to verify the story of Montesa as his Facebook account is in private mode.

The post still earned praises from Filipinos as it made rounds across social media platforms.

How to be a responsible tourist

In 2017, the United Nations World Tourism Organization released an official online guide on how to be a responsible traveler as part of the agency’s campaign called #travelenjoyrespect.

This initiative was part of the agency’s celebration of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

It was also in fulfillment of one of the goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The UNWTO provided the following tips:

  1. Honor your hosts and our common heritage.

“Experience and respect all that makes an international destination different and unique, from its history, architecture, religion, dress and communication codes, to its music, art and cuisine.”

  1. Protect our planet.

“Respect wildlife and their natural habitats.”

  1. Support the local economy.

“Respect livelihoods of local vendors and artisans by paying a fair price.”

  1. Be an informed traveler.

“Know how to access medical care or contact your embassy in case of an emergency.”

  1. Be a respectful traveler.

“Observe national laws and regulations.”