Why it’s wrong to stand at a parking slot to reserve it

May 10, 2019 - 8:25 PM
A parking lot (Unsplash/John Matychuk)

A Facebook user shared a video clip of an argument he had with another man who stood at a parking spot in an attempt to reserve the space.

Facebook user Mari Giannina Farica Buenaventura posted the video on May 2 and soon gathered at least a million views after.

It showed him about to park his car when a man suddenly shouted at him and insisted he already have the spot saved.

Buenaventura suggested calling a guard, but it further angered the man.

The conflict ended when Buenaventura calmly pointed out: “Di na nga ko pumayag sa pakiusap niyo, ba’t kayo nagagalit? Kayo nga po nakikiusap.”

Buenaventura also added in the caption that the vehicle the man was saving the spot for had not arrived yet when he drove by.

“Sir nakakahiya naman po sainyo wala pa po yung kotse niyo/ng anak niyo nakatayo na kayo jan sa parking space. Car park po ito. Ano yan isesave niyo yung kotse niyo ng parking? Maiintindihan po namin kung emergency e. Eh nasa mall po tayo. Madami pa pong pwede pagparkingan. Ibang klase ka po sir,” the caption read.

Parking vehicles have been on a “first come, first serve” basis.

This was pointed out by some people in the comments section.

Screenshot by Interaksyon

Others also said that the other man should’ve asked nicely.

Screenshot by Interaksyon

Standing in a parking space on behalf of a friend or relative’s vehicle is a risky move, according to experts.

The International Parking and Mobility Institute, a US-based body of professionals working in the transportation industry, recorded incidents of women who were assaulted after refusing to vacate parking spots for their friends.

Some people in the US use objects such as a chair, a traffic cone or a garbage can for reservations instead.

In the Philippines, a lifestyle magazine conducted a poll asking its followers if they agree on standing to reserve parking for others.

More than half of them responded that it’s all right for their friends to stand and reserve spots for parking.

While there’s also no written law or ordinance that considers this illegal, granting other drivers their right to park at a given time is a basic human and parking etiquette.