MMDA references ‘red light, green light’ vs jaywalking. Not everyone is pleased.

October 21, 2021 - 3:09 PM
An infographic of MMDA's reminder of its Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance (Facebook/MMDA)

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority made a reference to the “Green Light, Red Light” game from the popular “Squid Game” series in its advisory against jaywalking.

While their post earned some cheers, others raised concerns over the implications of the game MMDA they referenced.

MMDA on Wednesday, October 20 reminded the public about its standing Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance where a fine worth P500 or community service will be meted against violators.

“Kapag nag-jaywalk ka, huli ka! Layunin ng Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance na ipinapatupad ng Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) na hindi magdulot ng abala sa trapiko ang mga pedestrians at maiwasan ang aksidente sa kalsada,” MMDA said.

“Sa ilalim ng nasabing ordinansa, may multang P500 o community service ang sinumang mahuhuling tumatawid sa maling lugar partikular sa mga pangunahing lansangan sa Metro Manila,” they added.

MMDA also joined in the “Squid Game” online craze with their infographic.

The popular Korean series follows a group of players with huge debts as they played a series of deadly games for prize money of $84 million (100 billion won).

One of the games players on the show were killed for is the “red light, green light” where a creepy doll orders participants to either stop or move in a field.

However, in MMDA’s version, the creepy doll catches jaywalkers instead.

The post soon caught the attention of Squid Game fans and other concerned social media users.

There were those who expressed their support for MMDA’s implementation of the policy.

Others, however, were concerned with MMDA’s suggestive interpretation of the fictional show or the game itself.

“So ‘pag di susunod, iha-harass at papatayin agad ng gobyerno. Walang pagkukubli naman itong Philippine government,” Raoul Manuel of Kabataan wrote.

“Not sure what message are you trying to convey here (or maybe I’m sure) because the deadly version of Red Light, Green Light in Squid Game is supposed to be a critique of something and I’m not sure (or, again, maybe I’m sure) you didn’t understand it,” Philip Jamilla of Karapatan said.

Some users, meanwhile, addressed the lack of safe roads and paths for pedestrians to walk on in Metro Manila, thus forcing some people to jaywalk.

“Hindi kasi dapat motor vehicle traffic flow ang importante, kundi road safety. Hindi po abala ang pedestrians at road users din sila. So far hindi naman nabago yung transport related deaths sa atin sa paglalagay niyo ng pedestrian hostile footbridges, mas lumalala pa nga,” one user said.

“Siguraduhin niyo muna na maayos ang lalakaran ng mga pedestrian sa nasasakupan ng MMDA bago kayo magpakalat ng ganitong impormasyon. Hindi lang dapat pang-kotse ang kalsada, kailangan din ng mga tao ng lalakaran,” another user added.

Aside from MMDA’s own ordinance, the Metro Manila Council also deputized the agency to enforce their respective anti-jaywalking policies in 2019.

Names of violators who will fail to pay the hefty fine or render community service time shall be forwarded to the National Bureau of Investigation for them to be included in an alarm list.