Viral picture of men promoting ROTC with perceived innuendo

July 24, 2019 - 5:41 PM
Students in ROTC
Students enrolled in the Reserve Officers Training Corps program. (ROTC page via The STAR)

A viral picture of young men seemingly promoting the Reserve Officers Training Corps program on a blackboard concerned some Filipinos who perceived their message to be filled with innuendo.

The picture, which has since found its way to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, was traced to Facebook user Christian Dave Lasap Toylo.

The message on the blackboard reads: “Mag-mahal ka ng ROTC, sa kanya mo matitikman ang gumagapang ka pa lang, pinuputukan ka na!”

Based on the caption, it was taken during the Advanced Citizen Training Program, a two-year pilot implementation of ROTC in selected public high schools nationwide.

ROTC cadets
Screenshot of a viral Facebook picture that shows young men promoting ROTC in an innuendo-filled message.

The picture did not amuse some Filipinos who claimed that it appeared to be a reflection of what ROTC reportedly instills in the youth like “vulgarity” and “macho-fascism.”

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In Reddit, there was a user who noticed the picture of President Rodrigo Duterte, known for spouting innuendo-filled jokes and sexist remarks, right above the blackboard.

“Parang ang symbolic na there’s a picture of Duterte looking over them. Like a patron saint or something,” the Reddit user commented.

There were others who called out the Twitter user for generalizing ROTC cadets in the incident.

“Do not generalize. Graduate ako ng DLSU-ROTC and we were (taught) camaraderie and teamwork among my batchmates. We also had bloodletting drives and other socio-civic activities, just like NSTP-CWTS. Do not bunch us up with these people,” a Twitter user wrote.

Duterte has repeatedly called for the return of the mandatory ROTC for the Filipino youth, believing it instills a sense of patriotism and discipline.

A two-year pilot implementation of it, the Advanced Citizen Training Program, has already been in effect among selected public high schools across the country this school year.

Critics warn, however, that the ROTC could only be an avenue for “machismo, violence and corruption” because of its gruesome history involving student deaths and hazing.