‘Bar Boys’ director wishes aspiring lawyers luck ahead of 2019 Bar exam results release

April 29, 2020 - 10:45 AM
Director Kip Oebanda and another scene from 'Bar Boys' featuring Enzo Pineda, Carlo Aquino, and Roco Nacino. (Kip Oebanda photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

The director of independent movie “Bar Boys,” a youth-oriented film about a group of law students, wished the 2019 bar examination takers luck ahead of the release of the results.

Kip Oebanda shared a quote from the movie and wished the aspiring lawyers the “best of luck.” He also offered reassuring words to those who might not be able to pass.

“Best of luck to the 2019 Bar takers. To the 20%+ who will pass, congratulations. For everyone else, chin up. You fought well. Your time will come. May bawi ang universe,” he wrote on Twitter.

His post was accompanied by a still from the movie featuring one of the protagonists, Erik (played by Carlo Aquino) with his professor, Judge Hernandez (played by Odette Khan).

“Bar Boys” is a comedy-drama that tells the story of a group of law students and how they experience triumphs, challenges and misadventures as they traverse life in law school.

It features Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda and Kean Cipriano, along with veteran actress Odette Khan who received the Best Supporting Actress award for the movie.

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Critic Fred Hawson in his review described the movie as a must-watch for aspiring law students since it gives them an overview of what they would potentially experience in law school.

“This film tells you what to expect, and warns you ahead of time,” he wrote.

“The treatment of its interesting topic may have been fun, light-hearted and optimistic, however I thought the true essence of law school is captured with respect and sincerity,” Hawson added.

The full movie is currently uploaded in Oebanda’s YouTube channel as the enhanced community quarantine takes place.

2019 Bar Exam Results 

The Supreme Court is set to release the results of the 2019 bar examinations on its website today.

The list of passers is traditionally displayed at the High Court’s premises in Padre Faura, Manila but due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it will be released online instead.

Around 7,699 law graduates took the bar exams last year at the University of Santo Tomas, according to reports.

Passing the bar is the first step towards becoming a lawyer in the Philippines. Passers will then take the lawyer’s oath and then sign in the Roll of Attorneys.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen reminded passers that practicing law is a privilege.

“The right to practice law is not a natural or constitutional right but is a privilege. It is limited to persons of good moral character with special qualifications,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Every privilege comes with responsibility. Address inequality. Strive for social justice. Serve the people,” Leonen added.