This is how food businesses expressed their dissent on anti-terrorism bill

June 5, 2020 - 1:25 PM
Composite photo from Facebook/Bad Bird, Ate Rica's Bacsilog

Two popular food businesses recently joined in the online calls to reject anti-terrorism bill through witty posts on Facebook.  

On Thursday, Bad Bird and Ate Rica’s Bacsilog shared posts that expressed their opposition against the controversial measure using the hashtag #JunkTerrorBill. 

This hashtag has been used for the online campaign to call out lawmakers to scrap the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, which would repeal the Human Security Act of 2007, because of its questionable provisions such as legalizing wiretapping, granting of warrantless arrests without redress of grievances and vague definition of terrorism.  

Activists, civic organizations and lawyers similarly expressed opposition to this since the Senate approved of it last February.  

This week, several big names in the entertainment industry both here and overseas also talked about and rallied behind the protests for its passage, which President Rodrigo Duterte certified as urgent.  

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Following such public dissent, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque later announced in a virtual press briefing on June 4 that Duterte will still review the bill’s compliance with the 1987 Constitution 

Alam niyobagamat it’s certified urgent, hindi naman po automatic na pipirmahan yan ng Presidente,” Roque said. 

“That is still subject to final review by the President to ensure that it is compliant with our Constitution,” he added. 

‘Right side of history’

In its statement on Facebook, Bad Bird, a local restaurant popular for their umami fried chicken, cited a scenario on police checkpoints and why some Filipinos are afraid of them. 

Our statement on the Terror Bill 💀To anyone still saying that you've got nothing to fear if you're not a terrorist,…

Posted by Bad Bird on Thursday, June 4, 2020


“Would you not worry if your child were to pass through a police checkpoint at midnight? No? Good for you. I hope you get 50 police checkpoints on your route home for your peace of mind,” the post read.  

“But for the rest of us, checkpoints have this magical effect of making us feel like the bag of flour for our next baking project is a shipment of shabu,” it added.

It also cited the vague provisions of the bill.

We do not feel safe in the hands of authorities, and the vagueness of this bill gives them the power of judge and jury. Any power-tripping opportunist can label you a terrorist for any absurd reason like being a fan of pineapple on pizza,” it stated.  

The management also stressed that they sought to support “the right side of history.” 

“We’ll always stand on the side of freedom, civility, and human rights. This isn’t right, and we’d like to do our part by speaking out and supporting the right side of history,” it said.  

Prior to this statement on anti-terrorism bill, the chicken joint on Wednesday also quipped about the passage of the bill, citing that they worry about posting another joke again.


Bad Bird also previously shared a witty post about not reopening its dine-in services yet for branches in Metro Manila despite being allowed to do so during the general community quarantine.  

‘Bacon and brains’

Meanwhile, long-running food joint Ate Rica’s Bacsilog also shared a witty advertisement on Facebook wherein it likened their food containers to the anti-terror bill. 

Bacsilog is a coined term to refer to a popular Filipino meal comprising bacon and eggs with fried rice.  

“May mga bagay an dapat itinatapon sa basurahanTulad ng gamit na bacsilog cup at itong panukalang anti-terrorism bill,” the graphic in the post read. 

The post also contained the hashtags #JunkTerrorBill and #BawalMagkalat.  

May mga bagay na dapat itinatapon sa basurahan.Tulad ng gamit na Bacsilog Cup at itong panukalang Anti-Terrorism Bill.#JunkTerrorBill#BawalMagkalat

Posted by Ate Rica's Bacsilog on Thursday, June 4, 2020


In its comments section, the franchise food business also wrote a note indicating its team’s stance on the anti-terrorism law.

“NOTE: Ate Rica’s Bacsilog condemns terrorism and we need an anti-terrorism law that capacitates our enforcers but one that does not stifle on citizens’ constitutional rights. For now, this version of the bill just won’t achieve that. Thank you,” it wrote.

The two food businesses then received praises and were thanked by their patrons for speaking up on a socially relevant issue.

Bad Bird’s Facebook page comments (Screenshot by Interaksyon)

“Thank you Bad Bird, for standing up and being on right side of history,” one of the chicken joint’s patrons said.

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog’s Facebook page comments (Screenshot by Interaksyon)

 “Bacon and brains,” a Facebook user commented on Ate Rica’s Bacsilog’s statement.

The anti-terrorism bill is awaiting Duterte’s signature before it officially becomes a law.